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Chapter 1, Born A Crime

No description

Sarah Youree

on 6 January 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 1, Born A Crime

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Chapter 1,
Born A Crime

Common Ties
Starting at the bottom of p. 5, what does Noah say is the way indigenous people around the world adopted religion?

In what other places/cultures has this sort of thing happened? (Think about other things we watched and read last semester.
Different Strokes
On pages 6-7, Noah describes the differences among the three types of churches he attended with his mother when he was growing up.

How did young Trevor feel about each of these types of church service? Does he seem to have a favorite? Explain.
Mother vs. Son
On p. 10-11, Noah describes his relationship to and some of his conflicts with his mother.

What do Trevor and his mom tend to disagree about? How do they deal with their disagreements?

How does Trevor's relationship with his mom compare to yours with one or both of your parents?
Different Responses
Starting at the middle of p.3, Noah describes the distinction between the Zulu and Xhosa people in South Africa.

Summarize those differences, especially in how those groups dealt with Apartheid.

Are there any groups of people similar to these in other countries or regions you have heard of? Explain.
Anything Else?
Is there any other question or comment you have about what we've read so far?
Your Turn
For your chapter discussion, you should lead in a way that deeply delves into all of the significant aspects of that chapter.

You can format your discussion in a lot of different ways, but you should include
at least 10 written discussion questions
that deal with the
from your chapter as well as
we as readers can make.
Systematic Racism
On p. 19-20, Noah describes the emergence of apartheid over the years.

What were some of the major influences of the South African system of institutionalized racism?

What do you think the researchers saw in the United States in the 1800s that they incorporated into their laws in South Africa?
Growing Pains
On p. 12, Noah describes some of the effects of the end of apartheid.

Why do you think so much violence ensued?

What do you think it would be like to live in a place and a time like this? How did it affect Trevor and his Mom? How do you think would it affect you and your family if you were in a similar situation?
Standout Lines
Look back through the first chapter, from pages 3-20, and locate a line or two that really stood out to you.

Prepare to share it with the class:
Tell the page number and where on the page
Read the quotation aloud
Explain why it stood out to you
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