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Blue Boy by Mac Demarco

No description

Olivia Castagna

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Blue Boy by Mac Demarco

"Blue Boy" by Mac Demarco
Demarco teaches the valuable lesson that things can go wrong in life because "honey, thats the way that life goes" (7). He uses idiom to express the idea that people can't control what happens to them in life.
Works Cited
" Mac Demarco." macdemarco.bandcamp.com. n.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2015.
Mac Demarco is from Duncan, British Columbia. He writes and mixes his own music in his basement, which he calls Jiz Jaz Studios. His new album, Salad Days, which came out on April 1, 2014, was one of the top albums of the year. The song "Blue Boy" is featured on this album among 13 others. His music is often described as a series of "rock n' roll riffy blues."
The overall theme of the song is that even though the past can haunt and overwhelm, people have to "calm down" and just "grow up" (4).
We chose this song because we saw that there was a deeper meaning than what was on the surface, and we wanted to figure it out. Plus we both thought it had really catchy and fun sound.
Demarco is " worried every time the sun shines", which symbolizes his irrational fear of foolish things in life (2). This line shows the contrast between the lightheartedness of the sun and the miserable feeling of anxiety. This example of paradox adds depth to Demarco's ultimate theme: although the past can hurt, people must carry on with their lives and live by their own terms.
Claudia Valenta and Olivia Castagna
Period 6
February 3, 2015

Literary Devices

In "Blue Boy", the speaker is "worried about the world's eyes", meaning he's constantly afraid that others will judge him (1). Mac Demarco wrote this song to reflect himself as a young boy. The lyrics of "Blue Boy" reveals another side of him.
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"Top Definition: Mac Demarco." urbandictionary.com. Aaron Peckham, n.p. Web. 1 Feb. 2015.
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