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Huts On The Beach

No description

shaya lingaratnam

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Huts On The Beach

Lord of the FLIES: Oral Presentation Conflicts Significance of the title In this chapter the author gives us insight on Simon, one of the minor characters. Simon is portrayed as a disciplined and generous person; he helps to build the huts instead of playing and helps the children to pick the fruit that they couldn't reach.
Simon is shown to have a passive and obedient demeanor contrasting him from many of the older boys on the island, namely Ralph and jack. Simon is shown to be very in touch with nature as he finds peace in the isolation and beauty of the forest, his character traits also seem to be more natural as his generosity and discipline seem to increase in the state of turmoil that they are in rather than the other boys who become more savage.


Highlight a character

Theme Huts On The Beach By: Akshaya, Barbus, James,Darryl, David & Allen There are numerous portrayals of conflict demonstrated in chapter three “ huts on the beach”. these conflicts are both internal and external, including person vs person, person vs self and person vs nature. The beginning of the chapter is where the person vs nature conflict is presented, jack was in the forest hunting for meat from a pig, but he failed as the pig he threw his spear at managed to escape”He rushed out of the undergrowth and snatched up his spear. The pattering of pig’s trotters died away in the distance.”(pg40). The pig can be viewed as nature since it is part of the island, the island is one of the forces the boys have to combat against for their survival and one of the main themes of the book is survival. A self vs self conflict can be inferred through jack’s absolute determination as he states to ralph that catching a pig is more important than having shelters. Jack is actually struggling within himself as he knows that ralph is right about the shelter, but he also wants to redeem his pride, as he showed weakness the last time he tried to kill a pig“If I could only get a pig!,I’ll come back and go on with the shelter.”(pg.50) . The main conflict in this chapter is the dispute between Ralph and Jack. This is an external person vs person conflict. Jack wastes his time with his obsession over hunting pigs, as he returns to the group Ralph becomes displeased as he believes that building shelters is a more important task. Jack strongly insists that his work is worthwhile, making ralph think that his leadership is being questioned and this leads to the disagreement between the two “We want meat.” (pg.47) The title “ huts on the beach “ signifies where the huts are being built and demonstrates the essential for survival they provide. During the meeting, the huts ignite excitement throughout the group but instead leads them to disaster as only two boys, Ralph and Simon devotes effort into completing them. The huts provide a moral boost and a mental thought of safety, yet supplies little physical protection from devastating weather. The huts symbolizes civilization and order in respect with the conch found in chapter 1. The main goal of this chapter is to continue to observe their survival plans/skills in action. This chapter advances their plan from building a fire to building shelters (pg 46), expanding on the overall theme of how to survive on a deserted island. The author also starts to reveal person vs. person conflict between Ralph and Jack (pg 47-49). The two fight about their current priorities on the island. This foreshadows more and possibly even bigger conflicts between them in the chapter to come. In addition, this chapter reveals more about the character of Simon (pg 51). This chapter portrays him as adventurous and brave due to the fact that he went off to explore the jungle on his own. This chapter also provides further information regarding the setting. It introduces the particular parts of the jungle that Simon has discovered such as the clearing (pg 51-52). This chapter also tells that it has been taking place near the evening and the night (pg 50, 52). At this point in the novel, the theme is between civilization and savagery, is leaned in favor of civilization. Jack, who really doesn’t care as much about the group, goes with his desire of hunting rather than building huts by claiming that it is for the good of all the boys. On top of that, most of the boys are more interested in play than in work. They continue in trying to re-create the basic structures of civilization on the island. All the other boys, meanwhile, seem to like the idea of goodness and morality about civilization but the longer they’re away from human society the quicker savagery takes over them. Simon plays an important figure who contrast with Ralph and Jack. Where Ralph represents the orderly forces of civilization and Jack the forces of savagery, Simon represents a third quality, the kind of goodness that is natural which wasn't taught by human society. Significant Quote The quote “we want meat” initiates the antagonism from Jack and the conflict between him and Ralph. This is exemplified by the persistence Jack reutilizing this quote throughout the chapter. The personality of Jack shown by this quote is his incompetent behaviour. He is a leader rather than being a partisan and does whatever he desires. He obtains this behaviour for the reason he is the head boy of the choir. Due to this fact, work is incomplete without his and the others aid for building shelter like the chief demanded. This also displays savagery from Jack since the will to kill overpowers him. He has this urge because he felt his pride was hurt since he hesitated in chapter 1 about killing a pig and they harassed him over it. Since Ralph was able to reply to this quote with a steady voice signifies neither of the boys are intimidated each other and it implies how two kings are sitting on one throne.

Connections Situations in this chapter can be related to in many ways. Jack’s determination to kill the pig can relate to something that we all have in common, the need for self confidence. Jack insists on redeeming his failure just as we would do. The situation where Jack and Ralph have conflicting ideals relates to our world very much. Although they don't agree with each other they still pursue the same goal, just like many times in the real world when there are elections, the candidates have different perspectives but they all want one thing which is which is the prosperity of their people. Chapter Analysis - Huts On The Beach
The End!!
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