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No description

Madelene Eng

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Starbucks

Who are the customers of Starbucks?

How long is the average wait time at Starbucks during “peak hours”?

How do the customers feel about the long lines at Starbucks?

Why do they bother to join a long line for their beverage?

Why don’t customers go to an alternative instead?

Research & Development Methods Final Presentation
The mystery behind the long lines at
- Personal observations/notes
- Photo of exterior + interior
- Mapping

- Online/in person

Intercept interviews
Can this strategy be implemented elsewhere?
Morning, 8-9am

Midday, 12-1pm

Evening, 5-6pm
* Two observations for each time frame and for each location.
Survey Results
Survey Questions
Survey Results
Intercept Interview
Madelene Eng
Elena Baseotto
Yiren Chen

Follow-up Survey & Results
2) Convenience
1) Food/Beverages
3) Experience/
2) Pre-ordering mobile application
1) Serve Caramel Macchiatos
3) Modify interior
Order now
collect later!
Even more convenient

User friendly

Satisfy wants and needs


Basic ingredients
Homey feel

More attractive/appealing

Welcomes to-stay customers
Observation Notes
Observation Conclusions
Union Square:
• Patiently waiting
• Long but fast moving/ long but slow moving/ medium length lines but slow moving lines
• More Late 20s and 30s, few 50s to 60s

Herald Square:
• Agitated/ Patiently waiting
• Mainly tourists.
• Long but fast moving/ medium length line but
fast moving/ short line but fast move

53RD St & 6th ave
• Agitated/ agitated/patiently and easy going
• A mixture of both sexes, half of which were in office clothing.
• Long line and long waiting/long line with short
waiting/short line with short waiting

• Activities while in line
• People work on laptop or reading
• Pre-order person in the morning

Average number of people queuing
Morning:15 Midday: 13 Evening: 8

Herald Square has the highest statistics
of leaving and sitting down without
ordering anything.

Union Square has the fastest service.

Sample size: 50
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