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Hercules Beetle Life Cycle

No description

Nicole Lin

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Hercules Beetle Life Cycle

Larval Stage
will remain in the larval stage for up to a year
longest stage in the Hercules beetles' life
main purpose is feeding
Pupa Stage
become dormant in this stage
their body prepares for the exoskeleton that will later form
enter 3 stages of molting, called instars
Adult Stage
male beetles will become extremely aggressive
use their upper and lower horns to fight other males
try to kill or paralyze the opponent to win the female
Egg Stage
the female beetle lays up to 50 eggs in the nest
the eggs are often laid close to a food source
The Life of Henry the Hercules Beetle
sexually dimorphic, meaning there is variation in the male and female forms
originally thought to be different species
only live for a few months in this stage
main purpose is reproduction
By: Nicole Lin
Quiz Time!
1. How many brothers and sisters did Henry have?
a. 100
b. 49
c. 2
d. 199

2. What is Henry's main purpose in the larval stage?
a. feeding
b. reproducing
c. sleeping

3. When will Henry's exoskeleton develop?
a. he is born with one
b. in the larval stage
c. in the pupa stage
Thank You!
Fun Fact!

Hercules beetles communicate through pheromones, sounds, or vibrations since they cannot see well
Hercules beetles undergo complete metamorphosis
Fun Fact!
Fun Fact!
Henry can grow to be up to 10mm and 120g in his larvae form
Fun Fact!
Hercules beetles can lift up to 850 times their body weight
1 month
4 months
16 months
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