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Modern Culture and Childhood

No description

Nuha Zackariya

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Modern Culture and Childhood

Modern Culture
Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhood?
Modern Culture and Childhood

by Nuha Zackariya
-Relationships hindered
-Human connections
-“Elementary aged children use on average 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technology, 75 percent of those children have TVs in their bedrooms, and 50 percent of North American children have the TV on all day” (Rowan 1).
-Smartphones used to babysit children

-Technology is hurting childhood
-Limit use of electronics
-Ensure a better childhood
Works Cited
Imagination affected the most
"[doesn't] foster the imagination as much as reading books or being told a story" (Is Modern Life Ruining Childhood).
Lower test scores
Associated with disorders in children

Physical and Health Effects
-Require "2-3 hours of active rough and tumble play" (Rowan 1).
-Struggle with basic skills.
-Spend most time on electronics
-Obesity and diabetes
-#20/21 in World for Child Welfare (Bakan)

-Technology is changing today's children's childhoods.
Smiling Kids Outside
. N.d. Photograph. Shamokin Dam Health Center. 28 Oct. 2012.
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Smartphone in a Baby's Hand
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23 Feb. 2014.
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