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Cencsorship in China

No description

Raymond Arriazola

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Cencsorship in China

Censorship in China Internet censorship More that 60 internet regulations have been made by the Poeples Republic of China THE GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA By: Ray Arriazola people who violate chinese censorship laws can be fined up to 1800 dollars. A sophisticated set of filters that blocks things that have not been approved by the Chinese government China has 48 internet users imprisoned This is more than any other country in the World China has its own virtual police who
pop up once an hour to remind users of
proper internet use Who is provideding Filtering technologies? US Corporations such
as Google and Microsoft National Chinese Censorship DAY!!!!
Everyone tries to search topics such as democracy and human rights but the page wont load
Then everyone blogs about thier corrupt government and gets fined or imprisoned
The size of the internet police is estimated at 30,000 Critcal comments posted on blogs and forums
are erased within minutes, if they are not approved by the Chinese government These filters make sure that certian URLs will not be able to be accessed
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