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UoR Introduction

No description

Abdullah Al-Zamel

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of UoR Introduction

Believes that

are the shapers of everyone's life
good preparation for any transition is the key to next stage's success
MIS for 2 years..
Started 1998 @ Qafelah for Social Services
Volunteering as Youth Development Facilitator
A Knowledge Voyager and Education Enthusiast
Abdullah Al-Zamel
Thank You!
Are you ready to Join me in my voyage?!
My Name is Abdullah, a Saudi who owns 10 oil reservoirs (some people think seriously that we do!!!)
I am currently working as a Vice President of Human Wealth at Raz Holding Group While operating my educational start-up "SHIFFT".
This is How my journey look!
While running in life I worked as:
once upon a time...
a very quite kid was born in a military hospital!
drank his first sip of milk from a teaching mother..
and heard first masculine voice from a university faculty
- turned to be a bit annoying when grew up ;) -
NOTE: All Pictures are taken from the internet
took his childhood seriously!
Won the first award of public speaking competition for 6 consecutive years starting on grade 7 :)
though not so serious!!
and got his first "0" in an exam in grade 10 for that reason :S
examples are:
from high school to university
from university to work
from single to married
from employee to supervisor
from supervisor to middle manager
BS in Software Engineering
MSc in Computer Science
MA in Educational Psychology
and now..
MA in
jumping between disciplines?!
2 2
Qafelah is a social services organization focusing on youth. I joined Qafelah team as a facilitator in the first youth development summer camp. These camps were 30 days long and served over 300,000 beneficiaries per annum. Facilitating, designing, team leading, facilitators evaluating, strategizing, and recruiting were the responsibilities I worked on during this period.
2005 @
Trainee at Alyaum Newspaper
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) is a leading educational organization for science and technology in the middle east. It ranks first on number of research and patents in the Arab world. I joined KFUPM as a graduate assistant then promoted to lecturer, worked in many committees and many projects, and taught in College of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Industrial Management, and College of General Studies.
2006 @
Faculty Member
2002 @
Teaching Assistant
Working with counseling and advising center and student affairs committee were wonderful experiences. Teaching lectures, labs and skills courses with diversified student base led me to realize the importance of varying teaching methods. When leaving KFUPM, I was asked to teach a course every semester on a contractual basis and I am teaching the Training course at College of Industrial Management this semester.
KFUPM has an enriching practice by allowing honored undergraduate students to assist teaching courses on which they got A grade as a part-time job. Starting on my sophomore year I helped teaching many MIS and Computer Science courses and supported evaluating Software Engineering senior projects.
Alyaum Newspaper was one of the first press movers to the cyber-world. Its IT department was an attractive choice for a young software engineer trainee like me. I worked with the website development team and proposed developing the student's competency portal for KFUPM. The initiative was accepted and sponsored by the newspaper.
2007 @ Mawhiba
Academic Administrator
KACGC (AKA Mawhiba) is a governmental organization for giftedness. Aims to support the construction and development of an environment and a society of creativity, in its fullest meaning, to enable the gifted to exploit and harness their talents to the service of the nation. I worked with Mawhiba summer programs in KFUPM and Saudi Aramco advising gifted students, training them soft skills and computer related aspects like programming and robotics, and supervising their projects.
Microsoft initiated a joint project with many universities to work on localizing their CLIP programming language project. It focuses on enabling university graduating student to work on a real life project. KFUPM was selected for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and I was selected to lead the project and to train six students to deliver the project.
2008 @
Project Manager
2009 @
Leadership Consultant
SEC is one of the largest utility companies in the globe (30,000 employes). I was asked to join a team of eight expatriate experts to establish the leadership development center and talent management process.
During that period my tasks include:
• Training Soft Skills
• Leadership Consultant and Top Management Leadership Coach
• Designed SEC Competency Framework
• Led Competency Assessment and Development Division and Succession Team
• Held and Supervised Leadership Assessments for more than 4000 Managers
• Led Leadership Center design and establishment team
• Worked with the team to Design and Implement the HiPo Development Program
• Assigned as the Board Consultant on Succession Management
2009 @
Board Member
RAZ Group is one of the emerging conglomerates in Saudi Arabia. Established at 2000 and evolved to a complete reformation on the beginning of 2010. Its main cause is to enable entrepreneurs through Solidarity Investment (a new startup incubation and financing model). We are partnering more than 80 entrepreneurs and counting. In Raz we invest in people not in projects and believe in “who” then “what” which makes our human strategy the most crucial part of the company business. Creating a family business out of non-family members is our aim. My role is to make sure that we have the right intake and they are taken care of.
2012 @
VP of Human Wealth
Raz Tamkeen (AKA Raz Enabler) is the arm that takes care of entrepreneur selection, coaching, business development and training. Because we believe that people are our main product and supporting them is our ultimate goal we called our HR department the “Human Wealth” department. It is our job to ensure that Raz enablers (Ideation, Funding, Business Know-How, Functional Know-How, Promotion, Networking, Shared Services, and Execution Capacity) are delivered professionally to our partners.
2012 @
Board Member
Verso is an angle investor and incubator for technology based educational startups. The board role was to review and approve new ventures. Board members are requested to monitor up to two different ventures annually.
Waste of Time!
Driven by my passion in educating others, I designed and delivered many training courses; one of them was delivered to more than 1,650 managers. I also spoke at numerous conferences like ASHRM, TEDxRiyadh, TEDxKFUPM, Gulf Training Forum, Saudi Entrepreneurship Forum, Arab Quality Conference, and many more.
a transitions happened 14 years ago
when I had a severe car accident and lost all my knee's joints!..
I don't know how, but it was joyful! specially when people around you are sad and you are laughing!! <-- insane ;p
I am now walking normally
-thanks God-
and a transition this year!
when I decided to loose 60+ pounds,
and I did it in 3 months :D
the lesson I learned is that without knowing "How" things happen, you will never know "What" to do to fix them..
So, be curious!
"YESSS" <--feminine voice ;p
I got married when I was 23
and I have "Khaled"...
a 4 years lovely boy
SHIFFT is an education enhancement hub delivering unique and effective business model on private schools and after school activities. Teacher development, curricula enrichment with values, smart education automation, edutainment, and quality assurance are subset of our services. Today we are working on developing a well designed pedagogy and modern educational system and building two K-12 modular schools in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
at 2012, I founded...
Hint: for better health and to utilize your time the most; please ignore any long paragraphs in this section!
I am really excited to return back to school..
I love reading
I enjoy learning new things
I am a good communicator
I am passionate about education
I don't like written communication
procrastination, specially with my crowded schedule
perfectionism, which might also affect procrastination
and our journey reaches...
where the real wealth is found..

the great interactive team
and the cooperative and supportive prof.
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