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L'histoire des choses: La Culture de Consommation et le TS

21 mars 2016

Véronique Brideau Cormier

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of L'histoire des choses: La Culture de Consommation et le TS

New technologies reduce environmental impacts of coal-fired plants
Water on Earth
L'histoire des choses
21 mars 2016

BESO 1006
Introduction au Bien-être social
Trees provide us :
Oil and Petroleum
Energy and water intensive

Waste spewing

Often poisonous

Communities are evicted

Workers' rights are violated
Surface Mining
Underground Mining
Open-Pit Mining
In the United States, open-pit mining provides the bulk of minerals extracted.
Globally, two-thirds of all metals come from open pit mining.
Carbon sequestration
"Super Pit" Gold Mine, Kalgoorlie, Australia
Bingham Canyon, Utah
Largest man-made excavation on earth.
Negative Impacts
Reasons for deforestation :
Many trees in the forest are cut down every year
More and more forests gave way to roads and malls and houses
Loss of forests and land inhabitants
A lot of waste rubble is produced. Open-pit mining produces 8 to 10 times more waste rubble than underground mining.
The use of chemicals pollute at least 90 billion tons of waste ore per year globally.
Miners (0.4% global workforce) suffer fatal accidents (more than 3%). In addition, workers develop diseases. e.g- silicosis
Coal is a carbon-containing rock formed by the debris from ferns, trees and other plants.
Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com (November 16, 2005). World deforestation rates and forest cover statistics, 2000-2005. Available from: <http://news.mongabay.com/2005/1115-forests.html>. [17 October 2012].
Coal is mainly used to generate electricity.
Progress & development
General Mining Act of 1872
How is Coal Converted to Electricity?
U.S citizens eighteen years or older can take valuable hardrock minerals including gold, silver, and uranium from public lands without royalty payment to the taxpayer -- unlike other mining industries that extract coal, oil or natural gas;
Total World Electricity Generation by Fuel (2009)
> 60% of the total forest area
Hardrock Mining and Reclaimation Act of 2009
How does coal affect the environment?
Air quality
Gold Mining
provide homes for about
Uses a process called heap leaching
of species on Earth
Conflict Minerals
Mountaintop removal mining
What does it do?
A method of coal extraction in which
mountain peak is removed to get
to the coal underneath.
Clearing the Forest
Air pollution
Coal and coal waste products release
approximately 20 toxic chemicals
which are dangerous if released
into the environment.
Solution: Buy previously owned or recycled
No Dirty Gold Campaign.
Water pollution
Economic Redevelopment in Appalachia
Mercury pollution
Sierra Leone Civil War
Kimberley Process
International diamond tracking and certification
prevent conflict and violence
Solution: Do not buy diamonds
Electronics - MP3, cell phones, playstations
Kimberley Process
Ensure coltan comes from legitimate mines with good working conditions and environmental standards
Destroys landscapes, forests and wild life habitats at the site of the mine when trees, plants and topsoil are cleared
Increase risk of chemical contamination of ground water
Causes dust and noise pollution
Blasting The Mountain
Digging Through Debris
Dumping Waste into Valley Fills
The Cover-Up/Reclamation
The memorial identifies more than 500 mountains destroyed by mountaintop removal
Imposed several royalties to reduce impacts of previous mining activities in the past.
"The point of no return"
Forests = vital services
maintaining the planets overall hydro logic cycle
moderating floods & droughts
About 300 million people live in the forests
About 60 million indigenous people are dependent on them
MP, K 2012, 'Hydro, Forestry Tasmania and Sarawak', Dateline, SBS, 21 August, viewed 21 August 2012, Available from: <http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/weblog/article/tuesday-dateline-sbs-hydro-forestry-tasmania-and-sarawak/>. [18 October 2012].
hunt for food
feed life stock
build homes
firewood for cooking & heat
'Four F's'
'Fifth F'
Annie Leonard :
"Wiping them out is like throwing our lottery ticket before we have even checked if we had the winning number".
one-quarter of all our prescription drugs are derived from the forests
According to the IEA
If we were to continue using oil at our current steady rate...
We would have to find not one...
Not two...
But FOUR Saudi Arabia's worth of Oil.
BY 2030
3 x
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(Benitez 2012)
rich in biodiversity
the closer the forests are to the equator, the greater the diversity of the trees and other species.
About 100 species per day face extinction
(Leonard 2010 p. 25)
(Dirty Metals 2004)
(Rich Lands Poor People 2008)
(1872 Mining Law n.d.)
(H.R. 699: Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act of 2009 n.d.)
(The Golden Rules n.d.)
(The Golden Rules n.d.)
(The Kimberly Process n.d.)
(Leonard 2010 p. 34)
( Tantalum n.d.)
(Leonard 2010 p. 36).
Discussion question:
Do you think that recycled gold or diamonds have less value than new ones? What other alternatives do you think can replace gold and diamond jewelry as a show of love and affection?
What type of species are there in the forests?


what activities can we do in the forests?
Not only did they destroy this rainforest...
They also dumped chemicals into rivers...
Rafael Correa vows to protect remaining oil in rainforest.
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That is 1,000,000,000 barrels worth of oil, or 400,000,000 tons of carbon in the atmosphere.
Transforming Extraction
97.5% - salt water
2.5% - fresh water
Most of the fresh water is frozen in the icecaps or even very deep underground aquifers that are impossible to reach.
1% - accessible to humans
At the Front End

At the Back End
Vast amounts of metals , paper, wood and water wasted can be recycled and reused

In Our Hearts and Minds
Do not buy useless stuff :)
-Optimising existing plants so they reduce emissions and increase the amount of electricity produced with the same amount of coal.

- Continuing to develop and refine best-available combustion technology

- Gasification - turning coal into a gas and removing impurities from the coal gas before it is combusted.

- Carbon capture and storage (CCS) - capturing the carbon dioxide from the flue gas and storing it underground or reusing it.
Clear - cut forest
Rivers below clear-cut forests are usually polluted with less species of animals living in it.
Circulating fluidised-bed
Higher BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand)
BOD = healthy water
BOD = polluted water
Reference Lists ( Trees)
Intact forest
Water in forests
Organic Material
Leaves or dead insects.
They are not a problem until the is build up. This happens when it builds up faster than its decomposition rate.
Bacteria that decomposes the organic matter needs oxygen. this leads to oxygen deprived rivers.
Health and water
Water footprint
The Value of water
Annual water disasters, caused by it being low-lying and a floodplain
The Brahmaputra, Meghna and Ganges - three major rivers enter into the Bay of Bengal
Every year millions get displaced
Clearing of forests in the Himalayas in India creates a high runoff level. With no tree roots, silt and soil travels along rivers making them shallow and increases flooding.
100,000 children die in Bangladesh due to dirty water
In 2008, up to 70 million Bangladeshis were regularly drinking water that doesn't meet the World Health Organisation standards
Did you know....
A cup of coffee requires 36 gallons of water to produce
Urban societies take water for granted.
85% of $ from Shell
Experts predict that by 2025 three-quarters of people on earth will experience water scarcity
Water is the oil of the 21st century
15 top members arrested under bogus charges
Including Ken for MURDER
Calculates the total volume of fresh water that is used for goods and services made by the individual or by a business.
It shows that freshwater systems can be linked to human consumption.
What can we do?
La culture de consommation et le travail social
Besoins vs désirs
Construction social
Impact sur le bien-être
Les considérations et implication pour la profession

21 mars 2016
Comment la Mode (fashion), la publicité, les magazines ou la technologie vous influencent-elles à acheter du nouveau?
Imaginez chaque étape où est passé votre i-phone ou votre ordinateur potable: Qui l'à créé? dans quel pays? ave quels matériaux? comment à-t-elle été transporté? Ect.
Qu'est-ce que vous avez déja mis à la poubelle aujourd'hui?
Comme futur travailleur(se) social(e) (considération pour nos valeurs et obligations) que peut-on faire pour améliorer la situation?
Pourquoi l'histoire des choses est-elle importante dans le contexte de ce cours?
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