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The Great Dying

No description

Amelia Leahy

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of The Great Dying

The Great Dying
An Overview The Great Dying
How Did The Great Dying Affect People?
Other Things to Know
The great dying was the devastation of the American Indian population by diseases brought over from Europe. Some of which were smallpox, measles, and influenza
The Great Dying occurred once the European explorers came to America. This was around the 16th century.
How The Great Dying Affected Native Americans
How The Great Dying Affect the European Explorers
Since so many Native Americans were dying, the European explorers had a much easier time taking over the land. They barely even had to fight to get the land.
How were the colonists Affected?
The colonists were affected because they didn't have any Native Americans to work for them and had to get African slaves. Also, since the Native Americans were dying, they had no one to teach them how to live in the new land.
Fun Fact!
If you were affected by any of the diseases from Europe you died in about 48 to 72 hours of figuring out you had a disease
Fun Fact!
Not only did the diseases affect the Native Americans, many Europeans were exposed again and became very ill and sometimes worse than the native Americans.

Since the Native Americans had never met the Europeans before, they had never been exposed to the diseases the Europeans had for hundreds of years. Once the Europeans came over, the diseases they were immune to already, were given to the Native Americans, making them sick.
The Great Dying affected many Native Americans. They were the ones who got sick and died. It also weakened their resistance to the explorers taking over their land because they barely had any people healthy enough to fight.
Social Studies Textbook



"Bolton: Historic Tales"
How did the great dying affect the people in Africa?
Since all the Native Americans were already dead, sick, or about to become sick, the European explorers and colonists didn't have any slaves or people to help them do work. They ended up going to Africa for slaves and so the Africans were taken by the millions, messing up their society as well as strengthening the African states involved in the trading. While they were getting their people taken away, they still got goods from Europe in return
Some Records of The Great Dying (Primary Sources)
How This Changed History
The diseases killed almost all the Natives of the Americas, and in place are now immigrants from all over the world.
Also, since so many people died, the colonists brought over many African slaves to do the work for them, giving the Americas African Americans
As a result, America doesn't have many Native Americans and had quite a few African Americans as well as Europeans
Deaths were "by scores and hundreds... Villages were depopulated. Corpses were scattered over the fields or piled up in the houses or huts."

-an eyewitness in Peru
A Historical Illustration
" The Indians die so easily that with the bare look and smell of a Spaniard causes them to give up the ghost"

-A German Missionary(1699)
In conclusion, The Great Dying was when the Europeans came to the Americas and gave all the Native Americans diseases. Which made European conquest easier, but they didn't have any slaves to help them farm and live. This ended in many Native Americans dying, many Africans in America, hurting the population in Africa, and the Europeans were able to settle all through America.
Who died during The Great Dying and who made those people die?
A. The Africans died in America and the Europeans made them die because they treated them too harshly
B. The Europeans died because the Native Americans wouldn't help them
C. The Native Americans died because they got diseases from Europeans
D. The Europeans died because they themselves didn't think to bring any farmers
" They are astonished and often that, since the French mingle with them and carry on trade with them, they are dying fast, and the population is thinning out."

-Jesuit Father Pierre Biard 1614
by Amelia Leahy and Clara Wang
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