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What Teachers Mean to Me!

No description

Lesle McKay

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of What Teachers Mean to Me!

WHAT MY TEACHERS MEAN TO ME! Teachers do many things for us, on their own terms even if they don’t get anything out of it, but do we realize? When I was in grade 1 I came from a French school in Montreal, my English was bad; it was a mix of English, French and Punjabi. Every day my teacher would give me a small work sheet, a little bit of homework to raise my marks. This happened for several months, every week we had a math test out of 20, my mark raised every week starting from 0. Then at the end of the school year, she gave me sheets to do to start getting A’s in grade 2, she helped me a lot and means a lot to me for bringing me to be who I am today.
By Navroop, Grade 8 Teacher's are very helpful in a one way or another after school such as: after school help, Counting On You, letting you finish your work after school. Those things help so much!!!
By Ishan, Grade 8
Teachers are there when you need them to help you with your work and to improve yourself for later years.
By Troy, Grade 8 In grade 5 my grades weren’t the best but my teacher thought I had potential so she kept a close eye on me fixing my mistakes and making me improve and in the end I got a pretty awesome report card.
They are like mentors they help guide students and teach us to learn about the world!
By Sahil, Grade 8 After school programs like Counting On You, teams and clubs, games
are hosted by teachers. Besides helping us with writing skills, they help
us be more active.
by Amitabh They coach programs and give us extra time on their lunch
so that we can finish our work. They mean a lot to me.
by Essence I use to have a lot of detentions after school, but
now I want to stay because I've joined animation club thanks
to Ms. McNeilage.
by Gursharan Teachers are like a friend who shows us
new things everyday.
by Selena They help you when you are being bullied and are hurting.
They are people I respect and listen to.
by Braydon Many teachers stay late after school to finish work,
plan the day, help kids in their class and run Counting
On You.
by Josh How my teachers have helped me. My teachers have helped me with my life the have listened to me when I had problems and given me oral and moral support. Teachers mean alot to me without teachers there wouldn't be a school I could never learn anything and I wouldn 't be able to have a good job. Teachers are a big important part of my life.
by Angel Gill Teachers have helped me when I have needed extra help in school. When I had a tough problem they have always been there for me and it has really been helpful.
by Jasraj Teachers are role models and they help students accomplish
their goals.
by Justin - Teachers mean alot to me because whenever I need someone to talk to and feel like nobody else is there to talk to or nobody cares, they're there,and they care by giving their time up
-Teachers give support and extra help, they are basically another set or parents when your own fail to give support, and when they fail to listen to problems. They also always find a way to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day
by Mackenzie In grade 4 my parents had entered me in a spelling bee contest, which was quite hard because you had to remember around 400 words. They weren’t that easy to learn because they were advance words like ‘rattan’ and ‘precipice’. That was hard for a 10 year old to learn. Every day I would take along my spelling bee book to practice at school instead of silent reading in the morning. My teacher had noticed that I was preparing for a spelling bee, so then one day he offered to help me prepare for it. I thought that was really nice of him because he took his time off of his lunch to help me prepare. Even though I did not win the contest I learned a lot of new words and had a great teacher who cared about his students.
by Simran Ghumman Teachers organize clubs for us, plan out fun activities,
help us with our work and help us in bad situations. My teachers are the reasons I come to school (besides my parents). If there were no teachers there would be no point in coming. They are the reason I wake up at 7:20 am. Also, my teachers are why people are smart, rich or both.
by Yashnil Teachers do many things for us like run clubs. They give us an education and make us learn. Teachers are good because they teach us manners, respect, responsibility and much more. Many teachers keep us in line and teach us the how to react to moments such as bullying.
By Abdurrahman They care about you and make you happy when you are sad.
They help you out when you are confused and make you a better person.
by Hardaman Teachers are like mentors, friends, senseis...Teachers
are the inspirations that begin your life, careers and your
future. The teachers prepare you for your future life.
by Karun My teachers mean a lot to me because they have a HUGE
impact on my life. If anything happened to them I would care. I would feel
sad and maybe depressed. I have a lot of people in my life, mostly teachers
who have changed my life and help make me who I am. Teachers are the
reason why we wake up early and come to school and get an education, so I am really happy that there are teachers who can give me the education I need for a future job.
by Abdurrahman
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