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The Four Freedoms Speech Analysis

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Justin Parry

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Four Freedoms Speech Analysis

By Franklin D. Roosevelt
Analysis by Justin Parry Main Idea Supporting Arguments No words were found that I was unfamiliar with Franklin's Style America was affected by and faced with international dilemmas yet again. But it was in a state of peacetime and needed to transition into a state of wartime; consequently, it called for the increase of work that made that transition happen, the trade of armaments with allied countries for better relations, and the internal unity of the nation to function most efficiently. These things helped the U.S. defend and present four international freedoms: freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. If, and only if America was wholly united under these goals and freedoms then victory was imminent. Main Idea is America could not avoid getting involved in World War II. For the assurance of democracies worldwide the United States had to transition from peacetime to wartime but had to boost work efficiency in order to do so. The U.S. must do this to protect four key freedoms. But there were some words used in a denotative way to emphasize points.
"Secret agents and by dupes Franklin's style is not very mysterious. It does not leave the reader to guess or conclude on their own; he is straightforward with all his ideas and his overall syntax quite frankly (get it?.... yeah that was lame). He also uses many allusions in this speech, yet used not a single rhetorical question. Summary of Selection "The Four Freedoms" The Four Freedoms of:
Speech and expression
Every person to worship God in his own way
Economic shortcomings due to poor government
From fear Though being a sovereign country, America is influenced by events outside of its borders
Tyranny becoming prevalent in the other countries involved in the war
Other Democratic nations falling would directly affect America
Roosevelt points out that enemies will not wait for America to make the first move Franklin uses the word "immature" to anger the audience in a way that motivates them to be more observant and cooperative. The word "stupid" is probably used to be more emphatic and concise about the sensibility and cunning opponents of America would need to have These two words (secret agents, dupes) are used denotatively and have an accusing and degrading tone to them Fin Imitation Paragraph:
I address you, new members of this fandom, at a moment unprecedented in the history of the My Little Pony television series. I say "unprecedented" because never before has a previous series of My Little Pony been so popularly received or critically acclaimed. Yes it has been poplar among its target audience, yes it has caused those fans to buy and collect pony figurines, yes it has made them lifelong fans never to turn back, but in this series of My Little Pony it has also influenced those outside of its target audience to become hardcore fans. Particularly those of the ages between 15 and 30. The cause of this being a simple fact: It is a great show with the ability to entertain every age group, ethnic group, and social group. Thus, the Brony and Pegasister fandoms are born, forever to seek acceptance in the internet and real world alike.
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