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Scientific Discoveries 1997

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on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Scientific Discoveries 1997

Scientific Achievements
1997 By Claire Wenner Top 10 Gas Powered Fuel Cell Significant Discoveries Before and After Blood Conversion to Type O Discoveries Before and After Significance Significance 1. Gas powered fuel cell
2. Advancements in technology to convert all blood to type O
3. Cloning of Dolly the Sheep
4. Protein in insects could be used as an antifreeze
5. Shape of DNA may drive DNA synthesis
6. Geneticists created the first human artificial chromosomes
7. Discovery of the quantum properties of superfluid helium
8. Radioactive atoms can kill cancerous cells
9. IBM started to manufacture computer chips that use copper instead of aluminum circuitry
10. Discovery of the exotic meson A government team created a motor which partially oxidizes gasoline to create hydrogen gas, which is then sent to a fuel cell that generates electric power. 1839-William Grove invents the "gas battery," the first fuel cell
1959-Francis T. Bacon perfects the "Bacon Cell," a five-kilowatt fuel cell that could power a welding machine Also, Harry Karl Ihrig created a 20-horsepower tractor, the first vehicle ever powered by a fuel cell
1993-first bus powered by a fuel cell is completed
1999-Daimler Chrysler unveiled the liquid hydrogen vehicle NECAR 4
2009-fuel cell micro-CHP units become available in Japan Fuel efficient
Low to zero emissions
Quiet Blood types A, B, and AB all have specific antigens on the surface of their blood cells which distinguish them, while type O doesn't have any
Enzymes found in specific bacteria were discovered to be able to remove these antigens
Significant advancements in blood converting technology occurred in 1997 1980s-a team in NY showed that enzymes from a green coffee bean could remove antigens from type B blood
1992-ZymeQuest was established
2008-ZymeQuest enters an agreement to lisence some of their enzyme conversion technology
2010-Velico Medical makes advances in spray drying plasma Helps save lives-decreases the chance that someone will get the wrong blood type
Increases the amount of donated blood that can be use
Shortens the blood donating process
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