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Compost Worms

Compost worms

Sophia Lieber

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Compost Worms

Egg Case Newborn Worm What do Worms eat? Adult Worm and Young Worm How do Worms eat?
A Worm's Clitellum Where they live Up to 21 worms are born from an egg case Newborn worms are transparent until they eat Worms eat anything that was once alive! An adult worm grows a clitellum Worms have no teeth so they have to suck their food up! Worms live under decaying matter,
Compost Bins of Worm Farms!
Plater, I, How Earthworms Grow(1994) New Zealand, Applecross Ltd
Plater I, Earthworms and their food (1999) New Zealand, Wendy Pye Publishing Ltd
Wastebusters, Inside a Worm (ND), Ashburton

References Constructed by Tricia Wood and Sophia Lieber Compost Worms
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