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Sherlock Holmes " The Adventures of the Speckled Band"

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flknbrejo jvbogbnouwe

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Sherlock Holmes " The Adventures of the Speckled Band"

Sherlock Holmes "The Adventures of the Speckled Band" By: Cindy Zhang There could many themes in the Speckled Band. One is good vs. evil or generosity vs. greed where Sherlock Holmes represents the good detective that bases his acts on the honor of chivalry and generously helps Helen deduce her sister's mysterious death while Dr. Roylott of Stoke Moran represents the greedy stepfather who murders his step daughters for reasons of greed of inheritance for money while it could cripple his heavily mortaged house and lifestyle as well. Theme Through acts of Chivalry, Sherlock Holmes forces Helen to admit that her stepfather is a violent man after seeing the various bruises on her wrists. He can not imagine a man who is allowed to threaten a lady. Based on his honor code, a man must be noble, upstanding, and always fight for the right and follows it throughout the story. Also through generosity, Holmes senses that Helen is a poor, helpless women with no one to turn to or help her. When Dr. Roylott uses menacing threats after tracing his stepdaughter, Holmes begins to suspect him as the cause of the murder. At the end, wen he finds out about how Helen's sister died, he realized how much his greed had caused him the murder of his Stepdauther when he found out her inheritance of the money after marriage. How the Theme develops through the story Sherlock Holmes
Dr. Watson
Helen Stoner
Dr. Roylott
Helen's sister (Julia) Characters The setting starts of at Holmes's house where they first meet Helen Stoner, and allows her to speak her narrative story in order to deduce her mysterious case to them. Holmes soon starts with a plan and has to move to the village where Helen lives in the mortaged mansion. The seeting is therefore moved to Helen's house where they go for an inspection and spend the night. Setting The adventures of the speckled Band starts of with the intrusion of a distressed young women named Helen Stoner early in the morning of Holmes's house. She explains her life and how she had to leave India because her stepfather had beat the butler to death. Ever since, her stepfather, Dr. Roylett has become both violent and disappointed and expresses his anger out on Helen and her sister Julia. However Julia died two years ago the day before she got married of an unknown death. Now Helen is about to get married and is moved into the same room in which her sister died in. In the room, Holmes finds a ventilator, a bellrope, and the bed fastened right between though everything else is securely held in place. Of course, Holmes suspect Dr. Roylott to be part of the cause of the murder. At the end, he realizes the purpose. The speckled band, really a deadly snake, under the doctor's command would climb up the bell rope and bite the victim on the fastened bed. Then using a low whistle, he commands the snake back to him before anyone can find out. About to kill Helen, Sherlock whips the snake across the ventilator, and agaitated, bites Dr. Roylott on the other side and dies instead. Though Holmes is partially responsible for the death of the Doctor, it will not affect his personal career because of his honorable chivalry. Plot " Violence does, in truth, recoil around the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another." Dialogue from the story The way a character is affects their personality but more importantly their past life. Sherlock Holmes forces himself throughout the story as you can see to be a chilvary man of great honor and by generosity solves the case without demand of immediate pay or reward from Helen. He sees that she is a helpless poor women from his extraodinary powers of observation and through critical thinking can solve the case with mainly critical thinking based on his observation. Based on the many cases we have seen him solve, you can see him as a honorable and clever man of his word that tries to solve the mystery without breaking his chilvary (though he is indirectly responsible for the death of Mr. Roylott) Mr. Roylott was a wealthly man of his age one in his life but later on after beating his butler to death, he was forced to leave and move to India and barely escaped a capital punishment. As a result, he became a disapointed and discouraged man causing his greed to be the cause of the murder of his step daughters. he became even more violent when his wife died and lived in a heavil morataged house with seldom any friends or visitors putting himself into total isolation. This is what caused the theme of greed vs isolation. How does Character affect the theme There are three types of irony in this story in which all lead to the same result- the death of Dr. Roylott. The irony shows how his original plot back fires on Mr. Roylott and he ends up killing himself instead of what he origanally wanted to do which was to kill his stepdausghters. Another example in which the irony shows how when the doctor tells Holmes to stay out of his grip, its really him thats going to be killed by the snake's grip. This once again shows how this contributes to the theme of good vs evil or greed vs generosity because his greed turns out to be the result of his death not his step-dausghters like he expected. Also when he threatens Sherlock Holmes, Holmes can automatically pinpoint him as the criminal putting himself as the good guy and the doctor as the evil doer. How does irony affect the theme The main Conflict is between Dr. Roylott and himself. He needs to find a ways to keep his inherited money from his wife to pay for his heavily mortaged house while balencing out the amount of money supossedly given to his step daughters after marriage that would eventually leave him crippled. That lead him to decide to kill his stepdaughters using the most deadliest snake in India in order to keep his original inheritance. This relates to the theme because it shows how greed can eventually exploit the person into thinking nothing of but money so that he feels that it is right to sacrifice his step daughters to save himself. Of course Shelock Holmes and the doctor battle in the external conflict and it shows how sometimes greed can backfire because genrosity in the end overrules it and Shrlock Holmes ended up defeating the doctor in a way phsically and mental state of greed. How does conflict affect theme Analysis of dialogue This piece of dialogue reveals character as shown from the previos slide of how this piece of irony affect the theme. Hoever this piece of dialogue also provokes a decision and propels action as well. It provokes decision because it eventually leads Sherlock Holmes to pinpoint him as the criminal mastermind to the cause of her sister's death especially when he threatens Holmes to stay out of his grip. It propels action by pushing the solution of the case to a start kind of like an hypothesis to a science experiment. All Holmes has to do is test his theory to see if he is right is his decision.
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