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Intro: Presonal Finance

Mr. Barkes

Daniel Barkes

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Intro: Presonal Finance

Intro: Presonal Finance 1.What are the key components of financial security in today’s changing market?
2.Why do individuals carry different types of insurance? Why is insurance necessary? "Million Dollar Project" Teacher Notes: Emergency Fund:
3-6 months of saved living expenses. Insurance:
Protection purchased to protect you from the unforseen Medical Insurance:
Insurance that covers your healthcare
ex: Doctor, Hospital Dental Insurance:
Insurance that covers your teeth Property/ Home Owners Insurance:
Insurance that protects your home.
ex: Tree falls, car drives in, Car Insurance:
Liabilty: Required on all cars
Covers the other car in an accident; NOT YOURS

Collision: Covers YOUR car in the event of an accident Disability Insurance:
Insures your income in case you get hurt Life Insurance: Insurance that pays your family in case you die
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