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Organization Presentation

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robin wong

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Organization Presentation

Development in research Processes Development in research Processes Development in research Hawthorne Effect
Lighting effect detracted employee productivity
manager pay attention to employee, tend to work hard
Experiment in 3 different department one of the powerful motivator
retain work force
perform even better
willing to work
wanted to obtain something

Other Motivation
job security and environment
respect from peer,
challenging and interesting work
personal growth cisndisndvnsvdjsv Challenges Employees
Salary and increment received
Long term employees
Employees Believes
Performance of young fresh graduates affected
Reward not fair
Employer blamed by the employees
Rewards provided Budget constraints
Defective morale among employees Incentives offered not motivating
Not engage employees in working
Poor understanding Lack of understanding on performances and behavior requirements Conclusion sdcdcaccac How Significant Provide Motivation Toward Employee Members:
Teoh Yee Meng
Robin Wong
Lim Jia Yang
Michelle Wong
Siah Jian Xiong
Billion Yip
Kethees Job satisfaction brings a major impact to the worker
Reward improve worker performance effort
Not direct to individual performance
Direct to organizational 3 types of employee loyalty
Affective loyalty
Normative loyalty
Continuity loyalty tend underreported the importance of pay
place at around fifth place
socially desirable responding
as less noble motivational factor
People pay is most important motivator except themselves. turned out to be the first place Employee Job Satisfaction to fulfill the basic needs
can reflect the job status
the social status
give a sense of accomplishment Darwin’s theory
More salary , more wealthy, more survival chances.women usually pick mates with higher chance of survival wealth is crucial towards the survival of a person pay importance depends on situational/individual
truly works for satisfaction
with better job performance might have higher pay
change amount of salary might bring big impact on employee’s motivation. The importance of pay in employee motivation Pay for Performance 1. individual level
2. team level
3. organizational level 1. individual level:

=> traditional incentive systems
=> Variable pay configurations
=> merit pay 2. team level:

=> implemented by 70% of Fortune 1000 companies 3. organizational level:

=> gain sharing
=> profit sharing
=>share ownership =>common salary payments
are paid at least once a month.

=>Piece rate pay
payment salaries paid in hourly wages/weekly salaries =>Performance bonuses
simplest ways to motivate employees
based on how well individual performs their job.

used motivate employees who work in sales.
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