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Presentation Iran Culture Study

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Yasmin Ranz-Lind

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Presentation Iran Culture Study

Yasmin Ranz-Lind Iran Culture Study Appearance Communication Dates Women must wear modest clothing
Women must cover hair
Makeup is prohibited Belief System Main religion is a branch of Islam called Ithnaashara
Praising a child gives them the "evil eye" and the parent will fear for their life
Getting a divorce is considered taboo Modern Persian is a flexible and graceful language ; adopted Arabic vocabulary and Turkish elements
Lower status person will greet first Only Middle Eastern country to use solar calendar
Have 12 months
Celebrate about 30 holidays, mainly mourning the death of religious figures
Being on time is important Entertainment Nature and gardens-central theme in entertainment
Prohibition against music and of humans and animals in art Food Due to its location, food is a blend of Greek and Indian food- more varied than Greek, subtler than Indian
Dietary taboo-pork and alcohol
Custom to share special meals with neighbors,
Soup is important; general word for cooking means "soup-making" Government Social mobility is possible; poor person can rise in status with an education
Family connections help rise in status; marrying higher class people
Shah deposed in 1979; is now a democratic theocracy Gender Roles
Government has made it clear that women are welcome
Women dress a certain way, so many jobs aren't available to them Child Rearing Kids are taught to share, especially food
Rural areas mostly; older children care for younger siblings-full responsibility
Fathers discipline-stern and strict especially as kids age
Girl's role- Smart, beautiful; get married to benefit the family; bad behavior will ruin the family's reputation
Boy's role- Keep the family in line
Education is important Housing Idea of "inside" and outside" is deeply woven into culture
One special room for guests stuffed with furniture
When guests leave, they go to their living space
Any room in the house is used for all activities; no designated rooms
Need a lot of room-extended family expect unlimited hospitality
Due to desert climate, gardens are important Map of Iran Where is Iran located? Information Boys go to religious school
Learn through memorization
Taught arts, music and poetry as well
Kids are pushed to get degrees to be a doctor or engineer
Teachers are respected and never challenged Jobs (Economy) Main produce used to be agriculture and animals before the discovery of oil
Subsistence farming is gone
Not as much agriculture as there used to be Type of Environment Mostly on large plateau, between Caspian Sea and two gulfs
Unstable geology causes earthquakes
Volcanoes, two deserts
130 degrees F to -40 degrees; varied climate
Have big gardens since it is mostly desert and they value nature Sub-Culture (the Kurds) Belief System-Monotheistic religions
Communication-Speak a language called Kurdish, separating them from the dominant country
Entertainment-Literature even though Iran banned the usage of Kurdish
Food-Wild berries, nuts, truffles are gathered
Government- Girls are treated like property, have large families for rural work, five political groups that revolt against the government
Information-Kids must be taught in their language
Jobs (Economy)- Send their crops (have rich soil) to places with less arable land, have oil on their land but aren't allowed to access it
Leftovers-Iran has tried to assimilate them into the Persian culture “Doing good to others is not a duty, it is a joy, for it increases our own health and happiness.”-Zoroaster, an Iranian Prophet Bibliography A talisman to prevent the evil eye Downward gaze is considered a sign of respect; staring into the eyes shows affection
Thumbs up is a rude gesture What is considered rude in Iran?
Thumbs-up! Months of the Year Carpets are a huge part of Iranian culture; supposed to be little gardens in the home Why are Persian carpets special? Value Education No Matter What Garden in a Palace in Tehran Religious School in Toon, Iran 4 year president term with 270 legislators elected by people- a few spots created for minorities
Voting age-16 Former Shah Mohammed Reza-
Deposed in 1979 Marriage-mother finds spouse, father arranges formal meeting with spouse's family
Marriage within families
Two wives are allowed; only 1% of marriages
In case of (rare) divorce, boys over 3 and girls over 7 belong to the husband Women protesting
gender equality Women protesting outside a soccer stadium Location of one of the
worst recorded disasters
in Iranian history: the Bam
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