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Intro to GE 570- Professor Luongo

Welcome to Class, day 1 introductions

Nicole Luongo

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Intro to GE 570- Professor Luongo

Foundations of the Reading Curriculum
Your Professor
How to Contact Me
Dr. Nicole Luongo

Previously taught grades 1, 2, 4, gifted and talented (1-6)
Teaches various undergraduate and graduate education courses
Course Outline
See Blackboard
Course Assessment
Discussion Board Participation
Other Items
All assignments must be submitted electronically
Your grade will be determined by the work received by the last day of class
If a student plagiarizes, he/she may receive an "F" for the course and face probation, suspension, or expulsion. Plagiarism can take many forms including using a previous student’s work or downloading material from the Internet
It is your responsibility to have on-going access to SPU e-mail and Blackboard throughout the course. Have a back-up plan, should something happen to your computer.
Assignments may be submitted earlier than the due date (for example, if you know that you are going to be away). Late submissions will not be accepted.
To Be Successful
Log into Blackboard at least 4-5 times a week (everyday is optimal)
Complete assignments early
Participate in online discussions
Good luck!
Have a great semester!

Some of my Favorite K-12 Stories
Read Aloud
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