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HR Presentation

Talent Prezi to BOD

Joseph Monaco

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of HR Presentation

• Projected growth
Talent Acquisition not a core competency for HR
Operated in silos vs. leveraging the power of Parker
Missing linkage between Talent Acquisition, Development, and Retention
No candidate management tracking system
Needed to understand and incorporate social media
Jumping Off Point
Power of Parker
Established baselines:
Conducted Kaizen event

Developed process map

Created standard work

HR Implications
21% of domestic workforce is retirement eligible
Changing skillset requirements
Need for robust employment branding
Talent Acquisition needed as a core competency
Systems and standard work are critical
Eight challenges of mankind
Think globally, act locally
Systems vs. components
Talent as a recognized differentiator
Diversity and inclusion
Emerging technologies
Most desired employer
Business Needs
Desired State
Build a globally diverse workforce today to meet the challenges
of tomorrow

Leverage best practices globally using metrics that
matter to drive improved performance

Attract most-desired employees through employment branding and leveraging social media

Employee referral program implemented globally and recognized
as a key source of quality hires

Work in Progress
Global talent acquisition strategy project selected as FY13
Corporate HR Annual Improvement Plan

Created global, cross-functional, multi-group project team to develop a talent acquisition strategy:
Market Parker careers
Attract and retain the best talent
Identify framework, processes, and tools needed to support talent recruitment and acquisition

Launched two pilots
Social media employment branding
Cross-group talent acquisition support between Aerospace and Automation
Ensure right talent, right job, right price
at the right time
Right talent, right job, right price, at the right time
Lean processes and standard work
Robust talent pools developed
Strategic partnerships
Employment branding
Employee referral program
Demonstrating positive impact on the business
Talent Acquisition
Desired State
Absence of standard work, processes, and systems
War for talent
Identify, attract, deliver top talent in order to
execute the WIN Strategy and position Parker
as a most desired employer, while ensuring a
world class candidate experience.
Sharepoint site for standard work elements
Communicated at US benefits meetings

Talent Management System (TMS) roll out in US
Candidate database went from 0 to 450,000 resumes

Talent Acquisition Workflow
Intake template
Screening questions
Offer letters

Domestic training (systems/processes)
Aerospace Group Managed Service Provider (MSP) for contingent workforce
Saved $850K first year
Automated the process from requisition to invoice
Improved management & visibility of 600+ contingent labor pool
National and global capability

Use of LinkedIn domestically
Used Six Sigma Process: 123 inputs,
23 outputs, resulting in 9 process steps
Talent Acquisition Strategy
Employment branding
Social media
Systems, tools, skills, processes and metrics
Employee referral program
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
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