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Blue Coat CEVA Primary School: Planning a Vision for the Future

A Prezi resulting from common themes mentioned by our stakeholders: pupils, staff, governors, parents & the wider community.

mark ryan

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Blue Coat CEVA Primary School: Planning a Vision for the Future

Planning a Vision for the Future... ...at Blue Coat CEVA Primary School "What should I be... ...Learning... "But, in fact, I'm more like an iceberg with so much more lurking beneath the surface." ...about Me" "There's a mountain of stuff
to learn... My Emotional Intelligence What could I be better at? What am I good at? What is my heritage? My Spirituality Who am I as a learner? What do I feel passionately about? My Morals ? ? ? ...to prepare me to thrive
in the future?" ? ? ? ? My Hopes & Dreams Here are the commonly recurring themes from consultation with our stakeholders when faced with the following question... My Relationships My Behaviours
LEARNING. I'll also need
to learn about... I Meta-learning: learning how I learn best Resilience: sticking at things & trying new things to work out ways forward 2. Learning the habits/dispositions in
order to apply the skills,
(knowledge?) & understanding in context Social learning habits 1. Learning the Skills,
(Knowledge?) & Understanding
that will help me in the future Information Communication Technology Skills Understanding my community and culture Understanding the cultures of others Language skills Problem Solving & Critical Thinking skills Knowledge of recent events
& how they shape my world Research/Independent Learning Skills Interpersonal Skills Reflectiveness: looking back on what and how I've learnt - becoming more strategic in how I learn Resourcefulness: making the most of my capacities to capitalise on learning opportunities Core knowledge: stuff I have to know! How do other people live? How can I get along with others? What do other people believe is important? How do/will the actions and behaviours of others affect me? As well as learning about me, I need to learn about OTHERS... How can I get better at working with other people? How do I gain the respect of others? Who is my friend? Who is my competition? Other people How are we the same? Technology Learning the principles of ICT - as a 'science' Innovating with technology Applying technology in a useful way Understanding how technology can solve problems Exposure to new/relevant technologies Communicating with technology - reaching audiences Aware of the THREATS Aware of the OPPORTUNITIES Keeping current - aware of trends And I'll need to explore my SPIRITUALITY SPIRITUALITY What do I believe in? What does it mean to have a 'faith'? What can having a faith offer me? Which non-material things do I hold dear to me? What's important to me in being happy? How does what I believe in compare to others? What fascinates me? How do I feel about things upon reflection? What did Jesus say? What does this mean to me? For me to thrive in the future,
I will need to learn about... LEARNING ME OTHERS TECHNOLOGY SPIRITUALITY Understanding my responsibilities as a citizen of the World My I'll need to learn about TECHNOLOGY...
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