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AS#6 Intervention

No description

Laurie Johnston

on 23 November 2017

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Transcript of AS#6 Intervention

AS#6 Intervention
The Harrying of the North

A/S resistance was caused by taxes, loss of land, castles and bad government
William used force to crush the rebellions
further rebellions in the North convinced William to remove A/S Earls
WIlliam punished the North in the 'Harrying of the North'


20 minutes
Describe two features of the Harrying of the North (4 marks)
Explain why the harrying of the North took place (12 marks)

You may use:

Death of Robert Cumin
You must also use information of your own
The most important consequence of the Harrying of the North was it ended rebellion against William in the North. Do you agree? (16 marks)

You may use:
Domesday Book
You must also use information of your own.

4 mark - 2 paras - point and support twice

12 mark - 3 paras and links and order

16 marks 4 paras opening statement - links - order- conclusion

Why have you placed the paras as you have?
First thing that comes in to your head or is there some kind of plan?
Order of time?
Order of importance?
Some other order?

Do your paras have internal order?
One way in which you might argue William was a good man was that he was clearly very religious. He founded many religious institutions such as Abbeys and he supported Lanfranc's reform of the church including those changes designed to make it more spiritual such as the law on celibacy for priests. We are also told that he repented his harshness in the Harrying of the North. In this way William proved his devotion to God and showed his good qualities.

Conclusion - repeat opening statement - say why - (most important reason why) - other views (Some may disagree with this view because) - why they are wrong - Strong last line

Shallow word links- Furthermore - however - another -firstly - secondly - thirdly

Deeper internal links e.g. ' this greed of William's led to some rash actions. For example William of Malmesbury tells us...'

This links back to the opening paragraph and takes us forward to a new point

Link to the question - make sure every para and the conclusion links back to the question



Link back to question

Q1 What does the Harrying of the North tell us about King William I?

a) He was prepared to be utterly ruthless
b) He had decided to replace the Anglo-Saxon Nobility
c) He did not like the North
d) He wanted to warn others what happened if you rebelled against him
Q2 One reason for the harrying was revenge for the murder of:

a) Robert Plant
b) Robert Palmer
c) Robert Tumeric
d) Robert Cumin
Q3 William also wanted to stop the North being used as a base by the :
a) Anglo-Saxons
b) Normans
c) Vikings
d) Romans

Q4 Which of the following were features of the harrying?:
a) Livestock killed
b) Seed destroyed
c) poisoning of wells
d) homes destroyed
Q5 The area destroyed stretched from the:

a) Thames to the Severn
b) The Ouse to the Nene
c) The Trent to the Mersey
d) The Humber to the Tees
Q6 100000 died from:

a. having their throats cut
b. hung
c. burnt
d. starvation
Q7 There were reports of:

a) Cannibalism
b) magic
c) wolves
d) People selling themselves in to slavery
Q8 How many further rebellions in the North? :

a) 5
b) 3
c) 0
d) 2
Q9 By 1087 historians think there were :

a) 80000 less people in the North
b) 150000
c) 1 million
d) 1 thousand
Q10 Who criticised William for the harrying?:

a) The King of France
b) the Pope
c) the Archbishop of Canterbury
d) Sweyn, the King of Denmark

Exit Progress - SUMMARY:

Today in History we learnt that:
William laid waste to the North to stop it rebelling again and as
revenge for the killing of Normans including the North's governor Robert Cumin
Livestock, seed and homes were destroyed
The North could never be a base for Viking invasion
Maybe 100000 died
Even 20 years later it may be that up to 150000 fewer people lived in the North
Even the Pope criticised William's actions
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