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Planting My Foot Steps

No description

Melissa Webb

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Planting My Foot Steps

Planting My Foot Steps
The Progression of My Life

So, what then?
Completed my first year of University Courses at the College of The North Atlantic in Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL
Resided in the Grand River Hall Residence for the entire year (and learned how to cook noodles in a kettle, and bologna in a toaster)
Was very unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and hovered between being a psychologist, a counselor, a speech language pathologist, or an English teacher
Moving On . . .
Received my official acceptance letter to Saint Mary's University in Halifax, NS in the Spring of 2009
Very ecstatic as this was the University I wanted to attend since I was 17 years old
Accepted into the Bachelor of Arts program, so I selected my courses for the fall of 2009, packed up my belongings and moved to Halifax that September
Resided in Vanier Residence for a year, until I got my own apartment on Spring Garden Road and lived there from August 2010 until May 2012
At A Cross Roads...Again
After declaring Psychology as my major, and English as my minor I was again undecided of where I wanted my education to take me
Attended a seminar about applying to Graduate Schools
Decided that wasn't for me, and once again I was undecided of what career goal I had in mind
Went out to dinner with a friend one evening and expressed my concerns to her about being undecided, and she suggested a career path in Human Resources
Knew absolutely nothing about this field at the time so I conducted lots and lots of my own research to become more knowledgeable of this specific field
Where I am Now
During summer employment with NG, I was offered to fill a maternity leave position as a Human Resources Manager in Nain when I completed University in December, I accepted immediately
Successfully received my CAHRM from UNB
Have been working and living in Nain since December 2013 and I could not be happier
Still planning on more schooling
Who Am I?
Melissa Erica Webb
Born on May 13, 1990 in St.John's, NL
23 years young
Only Child to Blanche and Eric Webb
Partially Inuit / Partially Newfoundlander
Spent first 18 years of life in Nain, NL
Graduated Jens Haven Memorial School with honors in 2008
From One Thing To Another
Attended Convocation from Saint Mary's University on May 18th 2012
Very special day - I had 3 cousins, my mother, my father and my best friend all there to witness me receiving my first degree
Later on that month I once again packed up all belongings and headed for Saint John, NB to live with my boyfriend at the time
After applying to numerous jobs and taking part in multiple interviews, I had gotten a job as a cashier at Tim Hortons
New Heights
I applied to the University of New Brunswick to be enrolled in their Certificate of Applied Human Resources Manager program
Received my official acceptance letter during the summer of 2012
Began the program in the Fall of 2012 in Saint John
Being very unhappy in Saint John, I decided to transfer to UNB in Fredericton (Sister School) to finish the program
Once again I packed up my life (was an expert at packing at this point), and moved to Fredericton in January of 2013
From January 2013 until December 2013 I lived in 2 separate apartments; 1 with 2 girls & 1 with 7 guys
Summer 2013
In seeking summer employment, I had initially considered Costco and was set up to complete an interview
After being persuaded by my best friend to return home for the summer I headed back to Labrador soil for the first time in a year and a half
Obtained employment almost immediately as a Behavioral Aide with CYFS
Received a phone call one morning with a phenomenal job opportunity being offered to me with the Nunatsiavut Government, and after a couple days thought, I had accepted
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