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Tayler Coy

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of GRAPES Prezi

Tayler Coy, Nicole Moore, Yanin Martinez Olmec GRAPES Geography Activities in the religion of the Olmecs were done by shamans, priests and the rulers. The religion of Olmecs was based on Jaguar Gods. Olmec religion were actually placed around 8 supernatural beings. Religion The Olmec area consists of flat, swampy coastal floodplains crossed by rivers draining from highland mountains to the south into the Gulf of Mexico to the north. They were not for sure what the language was but there was a written language. Achievments Politics Olmec writing was composed of hieroglyphics. These represented sounds, syllables, and the occasional idea. Economics Social Structures Colossal heads are the most known artwork. La Venta Theocracy was the government of the olmecs because restoration and conservation efforts have revealed extensive construction of religious centers and both monumental and small-sized sculptures. Little is directly known about the societal or political structure of
Olmec society. Although it is assumed by most researchers that the
colossal heads and several other sculptures represent rulers, nothing
has been found like the
Maya stelae which name specific rulers and provide the dates of their rule. Olmecs developed an extensive trading network that spread their influence and led to cultural interactions with other parts of Mesoamerica. The aim was to secure access to valuable products and control and control luxury trade in items such obsidian, green jade, and iron. The slash-and-burn type of farming. People cleared the jungle by burning to create fields and drained the swamps in order to acquire more land. The drainage processes developed by the Olmec were new to Mesoamerica. The cacao beans were used for currency. 10 beans would buy a rabbit or a prostitute. 100 beans would buy you a slave. They were the first civilization to build pyramids. Video
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