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Parts of Speech

All of the parts of speech!

Becky Erickson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech Noun What is a noun? a noun is a person, place, or thing Examples of a noun are... House Boy Girl Dog Apple The use of a noun in a sentence... The cat ran a noun is the thing in the sentence that does the action a noun something you can use your senses on... You can...
-see it
-hear it
-smell it
-taste it
-feel it what or who does the action? cat cat cat The boy and girl laugh who is laughing? boy--girl there are also things called... proper nouns a proper noun is the formal name of something they are always capitalized examples katie loveland, colorado the eiffel tower sarah milner elementary george washington verb what is a verb? a verb is the word that tells the action. it's what you do!! Examples ran smile eat hiccup cry Usually folls a noun
- I ________ verbs in sentences the cat ran. what did the cat do? ran i laugh and play. what did you do? laugh, play
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