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Maddy hamster

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Space

Sky Science
Moon Phases
Did you know countries near the equator see the the crescent moon shape like a smile?

Full moon- A full moon is like a big ball in the sky You can see the hole moon except the other side of the moon.

Waning gibbous- Waning gibbous is a big ball in the sky except 3 cm is taken off of it.

last quarter- last quarter is half of the big ball in the sky its like some one took a big bite of it.

Waning crescent- Is basically a banana now it is 3 cm less then the last quarter.

New moon - The new moon is not visible in the sky except during a solar a clips.

Waxing crescent- Waxing crescent is exactly like the waning crescent but is flipped around so its on the opposite side of the moon.

First quarter- Fist quarter is like the last quarter but flipped around to the other side of the moon.

Waxing gibbous- Waxing gibbous is exactly like the waning gibbous but flipped to the other side.

Pictures are from google images but they were edited Madisson
Because Saturn is bigger then Earth u would weigh more on Saturn then you do here, so if you weigh 70 pound on Earth you would weigh 74.5 pounds on Saturn. Saturn is similar to Jupiter but is much smaller, it is the second largest planet in our solar system.
1 Orbit of the sun: 10,759.2
1 Rotation: 10 hours and 13 min
Distance from the sun: 1,429 million km
Average temperature: -184C -300F
Atmosphere: Hydrogen, Helium, Methane
Diameter: 120,536 km
Saturn spins fast because its a lightweight planet Saturn is nothing like most planets, Saturn is more like Jupiter, Saturn is wider in the middle and narrow near the top and bottom.
We have seasons because the Earth travels around the sun, this is called an orbit, as the Earth goes around the sun the amount of sunlight that goes around the earth every day slightly changes. Easy way of saying that is (Earth's revolution around the sun and Earth's tilt cause the change in seasons.)

The length of day and night changes because as the Earth orbits the sun, its tilt causes the northern and southern hemispheres to slightly tilted away from the sun and then the length of the day grows shorter but when the northern and southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun the days grow longer.
How the Earth moves
Did you know that Earth spins west towards the east so that means Earth spins counter clockwise?
1Rotation 23 hours and 56 minutes
Revolution around the sun: 365.242199 solar days.(That's why we have leap years)
Constellation Orion
There are 3 stories about how how Orion got into the sky first is, Orion was a hunter who bragged to much about killing animals that he was banished to the sky for bragging. The second one is, Orion fell in love with a goddess and the goddesses brother was tricked into killing Orion with an arrow. The third one was he was stung by a scorpion, But no matter which tale you may listen to, the fact remains that cultures all over the worlds have recognized this constellation for years.
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