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The Long Nosed Chimaera

No description

Kenna B

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of The Long Nosed Chimaera

By: McKenna What it eats In the end The Long Nosed Chimaera eats anything that is smaller than it. Fun Facts Is forced to adapt where eyesight is not functional.
It has a load of nerve endings to help it nab smaller fish to eat.
Has one poisonous dorsal fin
though at that depth a human certainly wouldn't come in contact with the tropical fish
The scientific name for it is Harriotta raleighana
It's nickname is Narrownose Chimaera
In Greek mythology the chimaera was a fire-breathing dragon monster composed of various animals:a lioness, a snake and a goat.
Like sharks, they remain a cartilaginous group, featuring a skeleton made of stiffened cartilage but not bone.
Unlike their shark cousins, however, these fish have a fused upper jaw and fused tooth plates that look like rodent incisors Where it lives As deep sea research has expanded thanks to improved submarine technology, many new species of chimaera have been found in deep places, bringing the total number of different types of chimaera to over 40. This fish called the Long Nosed Chimaera lives
2,000 meters below sea level. While a few species prefer near-shore waters of moderate depth, most live in the far deep of the world's oceans, often descending up to 8500 ft (2.59 kilometers) near continental shelves. You can usually find the Long-Nosed Chimaera in the Northeast Atlantic and the South Pacific Basically plankton,nekton,and bait fish Important facts Is composed of cartilage, slimy skin, and utter creepitude
Females are generally considerably bigger than males.
Like sharks and rays, they have smooth skin and no scales. Sizes vary among different species, with some, like the deep-dwelling long-nosed chimaera, reaching up to five feet (1.52 meters) in length
The egg cases of the chimaera are distinct, featuring a leathery egg case shaped like a spindle.
Originally, the chimaera species sprung from the same ancestor as sharks, but differentiated extensively at least 400 million years ago. Pictures The Long Nosed Chimaera Video Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed! http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=A8GRrdJznWY Features Coloration varies by species, with most ranging from brown to silver-gray.
Some have bright green eyes
Have a tapered snout
Most chimaera are recognizable by their long, slender tails and wide, flat heads.
Up to 4t long Work Cited http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-chimaera.htm#did-you-know http://tech.ca.msn.com/creatures-that-never-see-daylight?page=3
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