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The rights to the streets of Memphis

By: Megan Law

Megan Law

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of The rights to the streets of Memphis

The Rights to the
Streets of Memphis Characterization Setting Symbol The characters in the story were: the Mother
Oldest boy
Younger boy
No Names were mentioned in this story In this story the setting occurred in two places.
In the beginning of the story it took place in the
familie's home, latter in the story the setting took place on the streets of Memphis. The symbol in the story is the gang that the oldest boy runs into on the Streets of Memphis. It symbolizes Obstacles in some peoples in their lives. In this story i think that the gang he runs into on the streets of Memphis symbolizes obstacles in some peoples lives, because it shows the readers that not everything is going to be easy but if you stick up for yourself, don't give up, and keep trying you will eventually succeed. Plot The theme of the story was, Learn to stick up for yourself and don't let others push you around. Theme The story that i chose to read for this project was called The Rights to the Streets of Memphis. In the begging of the story a mother and her children are very hungry because they have not eaten in a while, and the kids don't know where their father is. Her two sons tell her that they desperately want something to eat. She told them that they will have to wait. They asked her "why?" she refused to tell them. Finally one evening she had her boys gather around her,she told them that their father will not be coming home and that things will be a lot different from how the other kids live. She explained to them that she had to go back to work, because their dad was the main provider. Now that he is gone the boys will have to take on more responsibility. The oldest boy liked that because he said that taking on responsibility made him feel more grown up. The first task she gave to her oldest boy was, she told him to go to the grocery store. She made a list and gave him money and off he went. On his way to the store he ran into a gang . They beat him up and took his cash. He ran home as fast as he could. When he told his mother she simply walked back into the kitchen made a new list and gave him more money and sent him back to go get the food. Once again he ran into the same gang, and again they beat him up and took his money. He ran home, this time in tears. Again he told his mother what had happened. He begged her to let him go get the groceries the next day instead of going to the store and risk getting beat up again. Her response to him was " Don't come home until you buy the food. She maid a new list and gave him more money, but this time she sent him to the story with a bat. She told him that he needed to learn how to stick up for himself, Summary When he turned the corner the gang was still there. When they saw him they all yelled " There he is"! He was filled with fear but did not show it. When the gang ran after him he swung at them with the bat that his mother gave him. He hit one man in the head and knocked him out. He swung a second time and hit another guy, he continued to beat them up until the gang ran away. He told them that he would kill them if they ever came returned. After that he went to go get the groceries. On his way home he kept the wooden bat poised for instant use. That night there was not one boy in sight. " That night I had won the rights to the streets of Memphis", the eldest boy said. Motif
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