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Ichigo Kurosaki

No description

Destiny Barrix

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Ichigo Kurosaki

Appearance Ichigo Kurosaki:
The Strawberry Hero Bleach Quotes and Sayings "Getsuga Tenshou!" - Firing his sword

"You know why older brothers are born first? To protect the little ones after them."
- To reassure his sisters' safety

“As of now, ALL your opinions are rejected." - When he saved Rukia from execution

“If fate is a millstone, we are the grist. There is nothing we can do. So I wish for strength. If I cannot protect them from the wheel, then give me a strong blade, and enough strength, to shatter fate” His hair is bright, orange,and spiky. All naturally, at the age of 15, Ichigo is quite out of the ordinary.

In school and activities, he is normally wearing casual clothes or his school uniform. On most occasion he is wearing a Shihakusho, also known as "The Garment of Dead Souls."

Measuring up to six feet tall, Ichigo has light brown eyes, and is well built from fighting people who disrespect others. By Tite Kubo What Ichigo Does Works as a substitute Shinigami
Saves souls and sends them to the Soul Society
Fights and defends for Karakura town
Defends and battles for the 13 court guard squads
Takes care of his two younger sisters Yuzu and Karin Special Weapon Ichigo's special weapon goes by the name of Zangetsu. A black and silver cleaver, which goes in a Shikai, and Bankai. Shikai is the second state of a sword where it can use spiritual energy to build up and attack. Bankai is only achieved by very few people. In bankai, every sword takes a different form. Zangetsu, turns to a black sleek katana. With a chain dangling and a blue gleam, Ichigo has it wherever he goes. Also residing in his soul, he has wavy hair, sunglasses and a beard. This is how they talk among each other. Supernatural Help Supernatural help involves the shinigami 13 court guard squads.
Shinigami translates into soul reaper, death god, or grim reaper in English. A Shinigami's job is to transport souls to the Soul Society and fight off hollows, which are vile creatures that eat other souls that haven't passed on. Each of these squads have a captain who lead, for the first squad, Head Captain Yamamoto decides mostly when the shinigami are to help Ichigo. Hollows are a soul that had their spirit chain torn out of there chest. Spirit chains are also known to be the heart. This leaves an empty hole, turning them to heartless creatures. All they want is to fill up the empty hole inside them. All they strive for is to eat innocent souls which wander the earth. Or consume another body. Every hollow has a individual mask that covers over the face. Ichigo somehow picked up a hollow inside him. Hollow Ichigo, or Hichigo for short, is a negative twin of Ichigo, he lives inside his soul with Zangetsu. His skin is white along with his hair, a blue tongue resides in his mouth as he has golden yellow irises with the white of his eyes black. He always wants power and to dominate Ichigo's body, also he is brutally insane. Which is a tragic flaw because Hollow Ichigo can take over when he's weak or not concentrated in a fight. Using his power from the hollow inside him, after dominating over, Ichigo has the will to create a mask on his face from spiritual energy. This mask Has three stripes above that come to the corner of his eye, then he has two spreading across his cheek. This gives him a great boost of power when it's brought out. Tragic Flaw: Hollowfication Proves Himself on Quest/ Journey & Unhealable Wound When the Soul Society was betrayed by three captains of the squads, Sosuke Aizen squad 5, Gin Ichimaru squad 3, And Kaname Tousen of squad 9. Aizen wanted to create Hollow/ Shinigami hybrids. Espadas are an elite type of hollow, passing powers of the squads captains. Orihime, one of Ichigo's dear friends was taken by an Espada called Ulquiorra, number 4 out of the 10.After long battles with Aizen, Espadas, and the Squads, it all came down to Ichigo and Aizen. Achieving many enhancing powers, both Ichigo and Aizen, they brutally attacked each other. Having so much hatred for all the trouble and deaths Aizen cause, Ichigo had no mercy. He gave all his strength to defeat Aizen, which lead to him losing his powers Defeating him with his final blows as a shinigami, Ichigo returned to the boring life he once knew. He weighs in at 134.5 pounds, making him swift at fighting but not weak. Social Status Factors Most education systems are high in ranking and are private schools. Normally they have six days of school a week and have school year round.
For income, if you are a good worker and show off great performance, you will get a bonus 2-3 times a year if you work in a company.
Most men work in the companies while woman become teachers or are lucky enough to become a shrine maid. Value Orientation Father makes sure kids have an education and are healthy.
Must respect elders and others
Try to prevent any fighting, verbal or physical
Crazy colored hair normally symbolizes someone is a bad kid.
Liking anime, games, or something that keeps you inside the house is an insult. Being called an "Otaku". Language and Communication Major Languages are:
Japanese, Korean, and Okinawan.
A few minor languages are: Kikai, Kunigami, Oki-No-Erabu, and Yonagami Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana are the scripts of which Japanese is written. Family Life Process Normally the father will work while the mother will stay home and take care of the children and help them with their schoolwork.

If you are a girl in the house, you will help with the cleaning and domestic things, but also go to school. If you are a boy in the house, you will focus on your education and work harder on that to give honor to your family

Normally on the countryside, families live with three generations. In the cities it's just the parents and children. Diet / Foods Have a lot of rice, soy, or vegetables in meals
They eat with their eyes. Having many colors on the plate and decorating the serving, the Japanese don't eat as much since they savor the taste of their food.
Drinks range from energy drinks to tea. They are mostly known for Saki (rice wine)
They normally don't eat much sweets Clothing In Modern Japan, normal clothes are worn outside in activities and such.
Most schools have a uniform you must wear daily
They don't allow shoes to be worn in the house, you must switch to slippers once you step inside on the mat.
They have many different styles worn around in the cities. Like lolita, streetwear, and gyaru.
Traditional clothes are normally worn around a family shrine, events, or the countryside. Healing Beliefs and Practices If you have the flu, you may take a sick day to recover
If you have the cold, you are expected to do anything a healthy person would do.
When out in public you wear a surgical mask to prevent from spreading the disease. It is very common to see these masks around.
Taking tablets instead of cough medicine Religion Shinto and Buddhism are the major religions in Japan. Most Japanese consider themselves Shinto, Buddhist, or both.

In Japan, religion isn't as big as other countries. They will use it in weddings, the New Year, and funerals. Art and Expressive Forms Cosplaying is a big expressive form in Japan. Dressing up as video game, comic book, or anime characters.
They are also famously known for anime and manga.
Other expressive forms are kabuki theater, themed cafes, and cosplay cafes. Recreation For sports, most of the time they don't even step outside, since they are so advanced in technology, most sports are played against a giant projection screen.
They love to spend time outside. Going on..
Boat rides
Walking along the waterside
Watching the fireworks
Running along the stairs of temples
Fishing History Japanese folklore states that the ninja descended from a demon that was half man and half crow.
Chinese monks began to arrive in Japan in the 1020s, bringing new medicines and treatments.
Most advanced in technology to this day
In 1963 Japan's Honda introduces its first car
In 1979 Sony launches the "Walkman" portable stereo
In 1981 The Honda Accord is the first car with a navigation system http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/173580-if-fate-is-a-millstone-we-are-the-grist-there

Work Cited
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