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Computer Literacy Introduction

Introduction and Expectations

Barbara Hockers

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Computer Literacy Introduction

Learning Target
I can use
use technology.
Technology is always changing so we need to be able to change with it.
It is my hope that you will put forth your best effort in every assignment...
So that you will learn not just specific software...
but be able to apply your knowledge to other technology.
To be independent with technology, you need to try things for yourself,
explore new things,
and be engaged during instruction.
Quality learning happens when we all follow the Voyager Way.
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Be Respectful
I can use appropriate voice volume.
I can work cooperatively and include others.
I can follow staff directions.
I can use positive language.
I can have a positive attitude.
I can listen attentively.
I can clean up after myself.
I can complete my work on time with my best effort.
I can arrive in class on time with needed materials.
I can use my planner.
I can walk.
I can use equipment correctly.
I can keep my hands, feet and objects in my own space.
I can follow ‘four on the floor.’
Everyone and everything has a job...
My job...
My job...
My job...
My job...
Help students
Start discussions
My job...
Grade assignments
My job...
Have fun
Your job...
Your job...
Follow directions
Your job...
Ask for help
Your job...
Earn grades
Your job...
Participate in discussions
Have fun
Your job...
The goal of this class is for every student to be a successful, independent learner.
explore new things,
and be engaged during instruction.
Welcome to Computer Literacy
Help other students ...
touch another student's mouse.
touch another student's mouse!
What will we
do this semester?

Digital Citizenship
Steps to learning keyboarding
Proper Computer Use
Class Work
Most work is completed during class. However, you will be expected to complete additional keyboarding practice outside of class.
Steps for learning keyboarding
1. Technique
2. Speed
3. Accuracy
Let's have a great semester!
Treat computers with respect.
Report any problems/damages.
Focus on the job at hand.
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