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rainbow loom

No description

Caroline Gamble

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of rainbow loom

rainbow loom
rainbow loom History
Cheong Choon invented the Rainbow Loom in 2010. he and his daughters made the looms and sold them for only $2. Later, when rainbow looms got more popular, they sold them for 15-17 dollars. In 2011 they had made 10,000 dollars on the Rainbow Loom. They started selling the looms in China to earn more money. Rainbow Looms are very popular and a great way to keep you occupied.
The rainbow loom was created by Cheong Choon.
Rainbow loom
interesting facts
The rainbow loom was created in 2010.
Rainbow looms were once sold for $2.
Cheong Choon was inspired by his daughters to make it.
Rainbow Looms are now sold in China.
Types of Rainbow Loom Bracelets
Triple Single
Taffy Twist
Zippy Chain
You can make all different types of charms. including, animals, cartoon characters, and more.
by Rachel Sparks and caroline gamble
Pic collage
1. Who invented the Rainbow Loom?
A. Selena Gomez
B. Shelby Johnson
C. Cheong Choon
What were Rainbow Looms worth when first invented?
A. $500
B. $2
C. 13.50
1. C. Cheong Choon
2. B. $2
Thanks for Listening! Have a super sparkly day!!!!
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