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Coca Cola

No description

anae parks

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Coca Cola

Coca Cola
Inventors of Coca Cola
On May,1886, Coca Cola was invented by Dr. Pemberton a pharmacist from Georgia.The soft drink was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886.Until 1905, the soft drink, marketed as a tonic, containing illegal products such as alcohol.In 1887,Atlanta pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca Cola for $2,300. By the late 1890s, Coca Cola was one of America's most popular fountain drinks.
World of Coca Cola
The company in 1990 opened the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. This popular museum served the company well while retelling one of Georgia's most famous success stories to thousands of daily visitors. It is located near other attractions in downtown Atlanta, including Centennial Park, the CNN Center, and the Georgia Aquarium.
Coca Cola Now
As of now, Coca-Cola has been doing as well as it ever has been. In 2006, Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Enterprises were ranked #1 for best beverage company.It has been ranked as one of the top companies to work for. As of 2000, it was the top-ranked soda in the United States. Coke has also come a long way from just their original formula. In the 1980's, they introduced diet Coke .In the 90's Coca-Cola came out with all kinds of different flavored beverages, such as Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke and Sprite. There is also a museum dedicated to the life and popularity of the beverage.Coke's current advertising campaign is "The Coke Side of Life''.
By:Anae Parks
Coca-Cola is one of the most successful companies ever. The reason for this is their strong advertising and marketing. Coca-Cola has always relied in advertising to promote and market their brand . After being in the market for more than a century the company have many vistors each day . Coca-Cola advertising has indeed greatly affected American pop culture, and even the whole world.
<-- This campaign encourages people to love and to see the world in full color.
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