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Irony in "The Open Window"

Reviews three types of irony--dramatic, situational, and verbal--and applies the three terms to "The Open Window."

Janice Crews

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of Irony in "The Open Window"

We expect the men to be ghosts
when they walk in the window, but
they are actually alive and well ... Vera
just tricked him. Double click anywhere & add an idea What is Irony????? Situational Irony Irony is the contrast between what is expected and what actually exists or happens. There are 3 types of irony.... The contrast between what is
expected to happen and what ACTUALLY
does happen. Hot Line

Our daughter, Alicia,
Had just turned sixteen,
And was earning the title
of “Telephone Queen.”
For her birthday we gave her
Her own private phone
Along with instructions
To leave ours alone.
Now we still catch her using
Our line, with the stall
“I can't tie mine up, Mom,
I might get a call.”
—Louella Dunann What did the parents expect
would happen when they
buy their daughter her own phone? What happens instead? Why? Why is the outcome of the poem ironic? Verbal Irony Occurs when someone says
one thing and means another, usually
the opposite, or there is a contradiction
in terms of the words used. For example:
Someone slurps up a brownie
with ice cream and chocolate sauce,
saying, "Oh, so light and healthy. What a
creative way to cut calories." Dramatic Irony Dramatic irony occurs when readers or viewers know more about a situation in a story than certain characters may know. Example: A girl in a horror movie is slowly moving up the stairs towards the sound she heard. Then suddenly..... Identify the situational irony in
"The Open Window." Identify the dramatic irony in
"The Open Window." Identify the verbal irony in
"The Open Window." POP Quiz The audience knows there are no ghosts and that Framton is being tricked ... poor Framton has no clue!

The audience also knows that Vera lied about Framton's sudden departure ... Mrs. Sappleton and the men who returned have no clue! Hint: The name "Vera" means "truth." Think you've got it now? Yes, Vera, whose name means
"truth," lies constantly ... there's a
contradiction there. That's verbal irony! Isn't it ironic, don't you think? Bonus: Why must "the open window"
be written in third person limited from framton's
perspective in order to be ironic? before we wrap this up ...
what is the point of view
for "the open window"? third limited from framton's perspective
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