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Compare the way relationship is presented in 'Nettles' and 'Brothers'

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abdullah choudary

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Compare the way relationship is presented in 'Nettles' and 'Brothers'

Relationship Structure Conclusion

'Nettles' shows a comforting and protective relationship between father & child. 'Nettles' Both poems share a sense of:
-relationship in a family
-both situations are emotionally hurtful to one person at least. 'Brothers' Introduction 'Brothers' shows a relationship between two brothers
as a uncomfortable and embarrassing relationship. However 'Nettles' 'Brothers' The structure of just 1 stanza may represent a story like structure; this also may represent the relationship between the father and child as being close, as shown by the closed in structure The structure of 'Brothers' has been split into 3 stanza, this shows the possible split in the two brothers relationship. HOWEVER Language 'Nettles' ''Brothers' "my son aged 3"
This language is used to create a sympathetic view in the readers mind, it also shows the young boys innocence. "saddled with for the afternoon" This highlights the annoyance that this younger brother could be causing the older brother, as he is stuck with him for the afternoon. "we soothed him till his pain was not so raw"
this shows that the parents have tried to comfort and give their son protection and feel safe. the work 'Sooth' shows that the parents tried to help the young boy feel relaxed. "i looked at Paul, his smile, like my smile" this shows that the relationship between the brothers may have come to an end when the older brother decided to ditch him and run away. This may have been the reason for their relationship widening apart. Differences:
-'Nettles' has a caring and comforting approach to a event.
-'Brothers' shows a event that was handled in a contrasting way to the reaction in 'Nettles' &
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