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Resume: Jay Guzman

A Timeline Representation of my Work History

Janell Guzman

on 10 May 2018

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Transcript of Resume: Jay Guzman

Jay Guzman
DaVita Renal Healthcare
Patient Account Representative
Irvine, CA
March 2005 - May 2007
Starbucks Coffee Company
Oceanside, CA
July 2007 - March 2009
Continental Premiere Dry Cleaners
San Marcos, CA
April 2009 - June 2011
Professional Hospital Supply
Temecula, CA
January 2012 - June 2012
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA
August 2009 - May 2012
Capital Holdings Incorporation
Ontario, CA
February 2011 - April 2013
iDiscover LLC
Century City, CA
September 2013 - April 2014
Coordinated insurance and billing information between corresponding carriers and medical facilities for kidney dialysis patients in DaVita Dialysis Centers in North Carolina and Alabama
Spearheaded a specialized team to recoup collections on 10,000+ backdated claims in 3 months
Engineered a workflow system to increase North Carolina Medicaid collection efficiency by 300%
Accounting Clerk
Generated unique claims billing correspondence templates for over 20 partner insurance companies to increase claim response time to misappropriated claims by at least one week
Organized 3,000+ patient information files from paper to online accessibility as part of a company-wide green initiative
Marketing Assistant
Collaborated directly with the owner to lead the marketing department through an aggressive direct marketing campaign that resulted in a 350% increase of delivery route customers within two years of implementation
Reorganized and streamlined customer information in the SPOT Business Systems software to make accessing information for future marketing campaigns more efficient by eliminating 10+ of queue time per week
Initiated email marketing through Constant Contact and a voice broadcasting campaign via Voice Blaze to promote sales, increase customer referrals, and establish monthly communication with over 1,000 existing customers
Anticipated customer and store needs by constantly evaluating environmental cues
Delivered legendary customer service to all customers by acting with a customer comes first attitude, connecting with the customer, and responding to their needs
Maintained a calm and welcoming demeanor during periods of high volume to keep the store operating to standard and set a positive example for the shift team
Acted with integrity, honesty, and knowledge at all times to promote the culture, values, and mission of Starbucks Coffee
Human Resources Process Consultant, Senior Experience at CSUSM
Revamped new hire orientation process to enhance newly hired employees' knowledge of company procedures, rules, and regulations
Conceptualized a more efficiently flowing orientation presentation to feature a more diverse format that includes the embedding of narration, background music, interactive learning sections, and informational videos
Developed and conducted an Evaluation Survey and New Employee Orientation Exit Survey upon completion of the updated process so that Human Resources can collect feedback to strive to make future improvements
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Concentration in Marketing
Major Grade Point Average: 3.51
Dean's List (Spring 2011 and Fall 2011)
Certificate of Achievement: Billing, Cost, and Accounting
Volunteered at the Oceanside Cultural Center in Spring 2011
Lead Intern, Chief Executive Office
Initiated new marketing presentation designed to increase sales and organize data for optimized accessibility
Authored business strategies by implementing comprehensive statistical analysis resulting in completion of a commercial real estate business investment project that generated a 150% return
Scheduled business meetings between Capital Holdings and over 250 current/prospective clients and investors
Account Executive, Inside Sales
Establish credibility with targeted senior-level lawyers to promote our specialized e-Discovery services and pricing bundles
Conduct strategic analysis to assist multiple Account Managers and Sales Executives deliver excellent customer service
Update court case and sales lead profiles on Salesforce and serve as a liaison between clients and our management team
"He looked for new ways to do things faster and easier. I'm glad he led the NC Medicaid claims project."
-Walter M.
Accounts Receivable
"I do not know anyone who could give a better recommendation for Jay than I can. He was my superstar! His energy, work ethic, and passion would make him a valuable addition to any organization."
-Sara P.
CPD Owner
"The team demonstrated exceptional dedication to the project. They met deadlines and delivered on each objective... We were impressed at their ability to stay organized, on task and committed."
-Cheryle G.
Director, PHS Human Resources
"His creativity, positive attitude, and willingness to learn made him a pleasure to have as a student."
-Professor Neu
MKTG 442
"It was always more than about serving coffee for Jay. He enjoyed making the customers happy."
-Kim N.
"...organization skills, amiable demeanor, and professional attitude at the workplace make him the ideal candidate for any position."
-Neil S.
CEO, Capital Holdings
"Whenever I need info on a client or analytics on a particular lead, I go to Jay. He is thorough, quick to respond, and willing to go the extra mile."
-Frank R.
Senior Account Executive
Typing Skills:
60 words per minute
10-key by touch
8,500 keystrokes per hour
Computer Skills:
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) or Apple iWork
Expert in collecting and analyzing raw data into statistically organized charts, graphs, and tables in Excel
Experience with Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, Photobucket
Adept at creating and refining Prezi presentations
Working knowledge of various Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
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