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All about the epic place of Spain, and why I want to go there!

Lisa Weaver

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Spain

When Ronaldo played for Manchester United, he had a teamate Rooney. He was good and Ronaldo called him a ogre. We don't know why though.He was one of the best on Manchester United. Of Course Ronaldo was the best.
Ronaldo has some serious skills in his feet!
Cristano Ronaldo has done some really cool foot work and tricks. He's done so many tricks it would be like counting the stars. Yes, it might be hard going up against really good defenders, but to Ronaldo they're just like little kids. Fast like Ronaldo, the defenders try to keep up with him. They can keep up with him but can't handle Ronaldo's skills
Soccer King
I want to go to Spain because my favorite soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, lives and plays there. He scored one of the top 5 goals ever scored. His worst enemy, Messi, was also good but never scored one of the top 5 goals. Ronaldo has been recorded better than Messi since Messi started playing soccer!
Ronaldo's Family is a normal family. Himself, his wife, his 7 year old son, Cristano Ronaldo Jr. and two 4 month old daughters are part of his family. He lives in a mansion somewhere in Portugal.
Why I Want to Go to Spain
All About Ronaldo
Ronaldo, since he has been a little kid, he has been playing soccer. He was one of the best soccer players in his school. Actually he was the best. He grew up playing soccer and some other sports. He got his first award in 2013 for most goals in the league.
Ronlado has had 600 goals from 2002-2017. He's going to add to that this year. This year so far he scored an epic bicycle kick in the box. A bicycle kick is when you do a back flip and kick the ball mid air. He's going to score more epic goals and I know it. His best goal, the one that made it in the top five, was like a laser. He was in between half field and the other teams goalie box. He shot with his right, his strong foot. It just kept going up until it went into the top left corner and the goalie didn't even move an inch.

This will be all about Spain and why I want to go there. Spain is an awesome place. After reading this you will want to go there too. There are more reasons I want to go to Spain but this is the most important reason. I hope you like reading about Spain and make sure to enjoy the writing! :)
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