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E-Hospital (fourth attempt :) )


esraa hassan

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of E-Hospital (fourth attempt :) )

(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
Project Idea
How to make the ideal hospital?
no noise.
no smoking.
patient monitoring.
Integrated system.
Abb.: 1
Abb.: 6
Abb.: 7
low cost services
Current Systems' Defects
System Analysis
Abb.: 4
Abb.: 9
Abb.: 9
Abb.: 9
Abb.: 9
Abb.: 2
Abb.: 5
Current systems' Defects
Abb.: 6
Abb.: 7
Abb. 2
Schriftliche Bewerbung
Persönliches Gespräch
Stetig wachsende Anforderungen
Einführung des AC´s
Schriftliche Bewerbung
Persönliches Gespräch
Stetig wachsende Anforderungen
Einführung des AC´s
Open cv
System design
hardness of doctors and staff surveillance .
no control of visitors behaviors .
not central system of data.
hard to follow up patient .
lack of data security .
consume large amount of paper work.
Potential weakness, provision of medicines and diagnostics ways .
Long period of time to get an appointment with the doctor even for those who was in satisfactory condition requiring prompt treatment.
Inability to sit much Pathological cases.
java programming
Main Form
You can chose your Specialization as this form appears
Admin Can:-
Doctor Can:-

Laboratory :-
Pharmacy :-
Reception :-
Supplier :-
Visitors Form:-
Technology Tools
Open CV
Work Team
Our hospital is safe
Our hospital is quiet
We guarantee you no smoking
Thank you all ^_^
Although there are signs like:
When it comes to hospitals .. It's a serious problem!
More than700 hospital in Egypt
In addition to health units
in each village
Integrated system for all elements of the hospital
Improve services
surveillance and tracking
saving time
All need help !
System Architecture
Block Diagram
Project Plan
Project idea
Automated hospital with automated surveillance
Aims to raise the level of service and health care in Egyptian hospitals,and find technological solutions to some of the problems that face patients, hospital staff and visitors.
this project is a full system for a modern hospital that organizes all the departments and subsystems of the hospital. Furthermore, we've added a new automated surveillance system to ensure safety and quietness inside the hospital, and it goes like this :
Face and voice signatures of a visitor are taken at the reception of the hospital and stored in the database along with the visitor's other data like name, cell phone ...
after this, the visitor is tracked by his face and voice using smart cameras and microphones and may be guided through cellphone messages and/or remote style alarms.
In case of committing any violation (smoking, noise, ...etc. ) It's instantly recognized and, automatically, the necessary handles are taken.
The system may send a text message to the visitor's cell phone asking him to stop.
Another solution :
the security units are being acknowledged, automatically, of the identity, data and location of the violation committer to be dealt with in time.
In some sections of the hospital where complete silence is highly required or where cell phones are not allowed the alarm is through screens which display a message to the committer attached with his photo.
The system also may offer monitoring patients while doctors' absence and provide a communication means between doctors and patients.
with graphs
Class Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Dataflow Diagram
ER- Diagram
State Diagram
Team Work
SIFT Implementation
User Case
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