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Pushing the Boundaries and Leaving a Mark on History

No description

Nick Csapo

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of Pushing the Boundaries and Leaving a Mark on History

Pushing the Boundaries and Leaving a Mark on History Literary Triad Paper - Nick Csapo
What it's About
Focuses on how inventors thoughout history not only build great things, but also inspire others to do the same
Hones in on two in particular:
Captain Nemo
Elon Musk
Begins by introducing the reader to the scientific, imaginative mind of Jules Verne
It then describes some of the adventures Captain Nemo has with the Professor

Describes Nemo with his altruistic personality hidden beneath his daunting appearence
The Nautilus is his greatest invention

It is the submarine in the background

Features numerous defenses, can last 5 days underwater, and has a beautiful library
Then introduces us to billionaire Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX
Theme: Inventors, and their influence on the past and present as well as the future.
"Whatever the motive which had forced him to seek independence under the sea, it had left him still a man, that his heart still beat for the sufferings of humanity, and that his immense charity was for oppressed races as well as individuals"(Verne 638).
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