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Confronting Policy Violations

DWU Residence Life RA Training Program 2013

Joe Ford

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Confronting Policy Violations

Confronting Policy Violations
[Your RA Sixth Sense]
• We all have it
[Know Campus Policy]
• It helps to know why
• Live it Love it
• Use your other five too
• Liars have obvious tells
• 24/7
[Question What You Suspect | Confront What You Know]
[Buddy Up]
• Don't go in alone
• 5 is not too many
• Plan before you go in
[Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst]
• Always have high expectations
• Don't let it get you down
• Don't take it personally
• You have nothing to lose
• Trick-or-treat, House keeping, etc.
• Knock yesterday
[They're More Afraid Of You Than You Are Of Them]
• Be confident and assertive
• Be friendly
• No need to rush (breathe)
[Talk To People]
• Good time to help them understand
• Talk to them yesterday
[Every Situation Is Different]
• Expect the unexpected
• People do crazy Shtuff sometimes
• It's not always cut-and-dry
• When in doubt, write it out
[Win Some, Lose Some]
• Some people will respect you
• Some people will hate you
• Are not an option
• You will hurt them, yourself,
and the rest of the staff
[It's Not Just Bustin' Ass]
• Buddy system opt-out
• Only call them a douchebag
in your head
• Don't talk to drunk people
• Don't waist your breath
[The Code]
• Knocking
• Easy as 1 2 3
• Writing
• Incident Report
• Significant Event
• When?
• Duty Report
[2 Things]
• Loud sex
• Quiet hours
• Casual chewing
• Roommate conflicts
• Alcohol
1. Care About People
2. Do The Right Thing
• It Earns Respect
• It sets the standard
• It impacts students
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