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Social Influence

No description

Kelley Gomez

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Influence

Normative Social Influence Video Conformity The idea that we adjust our behavior to think towards some group standard
Solomon Asch and the line test
1/3 of the time, "intelligent and well-meaning" students will conform with the group, despite the wrong answer
We conform when we feel belittled, when the group is unanimous, when we admire the group's status or attractiveness, and when other people observe us Chameleon Effect It is the phenomenon where we unconsciously mimic other's expressions, postures, and voice tones in order for us to feel what they are feeling
Tanya Chartrand and John Bargh
classroom experiments (yawning, shaking the foot)
automatic mimicry is part of empathy
Mood Linkage: sharing up and down moods Normative Social Influence We conform because we want to avoid rejection or gain social approval
sensitive to social norms
not only with friends and family, but also occurs with strangers
school-age children greatly affected
Social influences can influence fashions, political views, and moral values
Normative social influence can instill certain behaviors into people such as automatically clapping after a performance Informational Social Influence Video Informational Social Influence Making decisions about how to behave based on information from different sources
We conform because we need to accept others' opinions about reality
Groups can provide valuable information
Rebecca Denton and her little traffic incident
Our openness to informational influence depends on the difficulty of the task and whether being right matters Group Pressure and Conformity Social Influence Asch's Conformity Study Video Conformity Video
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