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The power of Pardot

Presentation given to PMs and CMs in July 2014

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of The power of Pardot

Most emails are never opened!
People will only open something that they feel is relevant and specific to them

Email is a direct, personal form of communication. Therefore it is very easy to cause offence.

Subject line and sender name
- People are more likely to open an email from a person rather than a brand
- People are more likely to open an email from a women rather than a man
- Natural, honest, less than 50 characters
- Relevant, intriguing, use questions?
Where do people look on your email?
Email, So what is the point?
Put out regular updates, news, offers etc.

Tell your customers and mail recipients your full product range

Tell your recipients your life story

Increase interaction by knowing your customer better
You do not need to be spending so much time producing email content less is more!

Get your customers back to your website where they can sign up and purchase

Use Pardot tracking on your website, people don't want to be sold to but love to buy.

Use behavioural segmentation, personalisation and targeting. Just like Amazon "people who bought this also bought..."
Email best practices
Needs to have a purpose, what is in it for the consumer?

You should be able to sum up the purpose of your email in one to two sentences. This should be placed near the top of the email.

The goal is to get them off the email onto the website or landing page.

Compelling call's to action (CTA) buttons, text and sub headings.
Marketing Sherpa Research
Practical Case Studies, Research and Training for Marketers
MarketingSherpa is a research institute specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing.

You have between 15-20 seconds on average per email that is opened.

In 20 seconds the average person will read 40 - 60 words

Most people will leave a web page in the first 10 seconds, those that stay on a webpage for more than 30 seconds are likely to stay on the page for over two minutes (an eternity for the web!) - Nielsen Norman Group - UX training and research
Top left is vital and often the only place your consumer will look!
Images are blocked so even the ones in the top left are not looked at.

Sub headings are important!

As shown in example three more sub headings can lead to higher levels of content consumption.
Two things can be achieved on an email that has been opened.

- Consumers can read stuff

- Consumers can click on stuff
Clicks can be tracked in the standard results

What has been read is much harder to track
ERM - BB501
Sent 5816
CTR 5.09%
Sent 6566
CTR 1.70%
Pharma Newsletter
Sent 6973
CTR 2.03%
Industrials Newsletter
Sent 5739
CTR 6.82%
Results can be used as feedback to target more specifically in the future

Personalisation should be based on what they have done and what interests them instead of who they are.

Personalisation should add relevance to your message.

Once connected to the internet links can be tracked and therefore you could track your email recipients actions from the emails onto the website

You can retarget you audience members with automated emails depending on the actions that they have taken on your website or your email

If somebody clicks the "share" button at the bottom of the emails they will be asked to log in. Their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account details will then be stored in Pardot
Targeted offers pages can be made on your website and email, social and web advertisements should be used to drive people back to these pages.

Once these pages are hit a pre built email drip campaign (3-2-1 campaigns) should be created to target them with specific offers.

The actions that the people take on these emails will then affect the next email that is sent out to the prospect eg. Prospect clicked link A on email A they will then receive email B, Prospect did not click a link on email A they will receive email C.

Establish the pages on your site where people make purchases.

Map your customer's journey to these pages.

Use your content to lead them where you want them to go.

Create touch points and automate email or social campaigns immediately when the points are hit

Refine and improve processes

Make more sales, with less effort - effective Marketing Automation!
The power of Pardot
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