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My Life By Toby

No description

Mr Duke!

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of My Life By Toby

Mum and dad
my mum is called Caroline
my dad is called Jon
I was born on
December 20th
I have a sister called Amelia
I Love her.
My cat is called pepper
My Life By Toby
I want to be a pilot or footballer.
And love

I am quite sporty
I started School at 3 years old
I have a middle name
My best Friend is Lucas
As well as every other boy in this class
I have been at Breaside since
I love this School
I want go to ...
Colfes,Trinity,Eltham or a grammer school for seconary.
And have high hopes
I have a middle name
I started playing
football at 6 years old for Bromley u7's
When I was young
When I was younger I was a football enthusiast and loved transport. I was always a hard worker at school and very cheeky.
Now I'm older
Now I'm older I am Head boy for Breaside and my sister is a Prefect. I still play football and love planes.
I also like to think of my self as a cool and kind
I am very lucky
I am very lucky to have a kind and caring family aswell as great friends, a lovely house go to a lovely school and have food to eat.

I am a ___________________ _____________________________________________________________________________.
My football team.

This season autumn 2016 my football team has won all there matches.I play right back/right wing
I support Crystal palace
Or a entrepreneur
Favorite song and film
Favorite song: Probably stressed out or hotel California.

Favorite Film: Back to the future.

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