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Dream School

No description

Justin Hurley

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Dream School

The Global Voyager School
Multi-language, multi-cultural education
School Culture & Student Population
At the GVS, our goal is to embrace diversity and attract children from all parts of the world in an effort to create a dynamic, multicultural community of students.
Student Demographics
Ages 12-18 & Grades 6-12
The GVS student body is limited to 50 students for each grade level to ensure each student receives individualized instruction from our team of outstanding and diverse educators.
Admissions Process
Reflecting the GVS democratic principles, students who wish to attend the GVS are required to submit an application outlining their educational experiences and goals in addition to a portfolio containing samples of the work they have previously completed. A panel of GVS representatives including teachers, administrators, staff, and former GVS students will collaborate together and select students for admissions interviews. Upon completing the interview process students will be notified of their admissions acceptance two months prior to enrolling at the GVS.
Assessing Students
Our member students will set learning goals at the beginning of each term. These learning goals will be based in part on the cultural exposure the student anticipates experiencing. They will also assess their progress in prior terms and design assessment levels which will challenge them while still leaving opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom.

Assessment goals should consider:
Progress towards a greater understanding of core subject material
Increased cultural awareness and involvement
Citizenship in the community
Independent initiative

Progress towards designated goals will be evaluated by the educator and the student through periodic discussions during the term. If the student is struggling in any area we will determine whether the source is related to a lack of understanding, lack of focus, or lack of interest. If students are not challenged by their goals we can modify them so that continued challenges are present.
Classroom Management
GVS teachers are skilled in using diversity to enrich instruction
Students will work with teachers to create their own effective self-evaluation and future goals
GVS students
will be
LEADERS of society
Teaching Methods
GVS teaches the ideals we
help students strive towards
GVS teachers let students learn
at their own pace
School IS the community- GVS teachers help students learn from each other
Teachers self-evaluate often based on the changing goals of the students

GVS teachers are skilled in using diversity to enrich instruction
We know the student should always be the center of learning
Students learn at their own pace
Many different small groups will take on various assignments
Student-based curriculum, focused on using practical examples as a springboard to learning
GVS puts the focus on WHERE to find-ever changing information,
NOT on memorization of outdated facts
Portfolio assignments let students demonstrate growth over
The GVS curriculum puts the focus on how students

the world of today
the world they want to live in tomorrow
Features a diverse multi-cultural curriculum
Senior project - each student teaches at a school in another culture
National boundaries are being blurred
School Design
Buildings designed to be moved with ease
Classroom Layout
Physical layout adaptable to suit student and class needs
External structure malleable to adapt to surrounding environment
Dual half ellipses with wide foci
Focus inward towards each other
Focus outward towards the world around campus
Central courtyard for school and community activities
Independent and group work areas in each classroom
Tablet use for students in each class
Layout promotes instructor movement throughout class
learning through all senses
Ample natural light
Comfortable seating
Standing and other movement during class
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