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KaBOOM! Post-Build Photobook

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Keara Chill

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of KaBOOM! Post-Build Photobook

Dress up your Scrapbook with these fun extras! Stickers Scraps Other Materials pssstt...
you can crop these! (right click on any object to "Add My Collection," for use in other prezis.) (And don't forget to delete this white frame when you're done) KaBOOM! and Gerdau Build a Playground " " " " Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!
At 2:30 pm volunteers gathered around the playground to celebrate the day’s hard work and a great new place to play in Fairmont! Build Day!
The day started with a welcome to the volunteers, an enthusiastic
warm-up and the introduction of the Build Captains. Hard At Work!
Volunteers moved more than 165 cubic yards of mulch, mixed more than 21,000 pounds of concrete! Reflecting the kids ideas, an adventurous design was finalized! Planning committees recruited volunteers and local resources. Planning committees got to work recruiting volunteers and local resources. Design Day
Kicking off the project! Kicking off the Build Day! Thank You! Loree Lipstein
Corporate Partnerships
Llipstein@kaboom.org, 202-464-6197 Roopal Saran
Client Services
Rsaran@kaboom.org, 202-464-6095 How does this type of project contribute to your understanding of your employer or workplace?

“As a new employee, I got to know some co-workers I had not yet met.”

“This type of project demonstrates the power and value of teamwork and dedication - we could not produce our products without teamwork and dedication.“

“It shows me that Gerdau is a company that cares about it's employees and the community it operates in. It is a big reason of why i am so proud to be employed at Gerdau.” New information about: *Based on Gerdau- 3.23.2013 – Tampa, FL - Playground Build Volunteer Survey
26 total responses What did you learn as part of your participation in the KaBOOM! build? Great Achievements Please rate your overall experience on the KaBOOM! build: What was the best part of your recent KaBOOM! experience?

“Having the privilege of participating the day the children drew their ideal playground. Followed closely by seeing the end product.

“The energetic and fun nature of the KaBOOM!Team, the volunteers and the project, plus I love hands on building. It was perfect in the world of volunteering.!”

“Seeing that mulch pile go down and seeing the looks on our volunteers faces at the end of the long, hard day of work, seeint the finished product. IT WAS AWESOME!

“Interacting with people I otherwise would not have met.” *Based on Gerdau- 3.23.2013 – Tampa, FL - Playground Build Volunteer Survey
26 total responses Quite An Impact!
Gerdau Volunteer Survey Results Before… …and after! What A Difference a DAY Makes! It’s Starting To Look Like a Playground!
Volunteers worked side-by-side to transform the site into a playground and community gathering space. It’s Starting To Come Together!
Volunteers collaborated to assemble and install the unique
elements of the playground. The mission of King’s Kids Academy of Health Sciences is the provide children of all backgrounds and performance levels residing in East Tampa community, Hillsborough County and surrounding areas with access to rigorous academic instruction and expanded opportunities for positive growth and development. King’s Kids Academy of Health Science will empower children and families to make informed, decisions regarding academic achievement, health, fitness, nutrition and behavior so that they may lead socially responsible, healthy, productive lives. A Wonderful Partnership is formed
Gerdau  King’s Kids Academy of Health Sciences  Rebirth Baptist Church  KaBOOM! Here’s a look at how the project unfolded… On March 23, 2013, Gerdau helped King’s Kids Academy of Health Sciences and Rebirth Baptist Church build a safe and engaging playspace where children can grow and explore.

As a KaBOOM! Funding Partner, Gerdau has greatly contributed to our mission of giving kids the childhood they deserve by bringing play to those who need it most. Thank you, Gerdau
for building a great place to play in Tampa, Florida! “It truly warmed by heart to see the children so excited to have a place to play!” “I walked away with such an amazing feeling. I cannot wait to build the next playground.” * *Based on Gerdau- 3.23.2013 – Tampa, FL - Playground Build Volunteer Survey
26 total responses Build Day Favorites Side Projects! 2 game tops
4 raised planters
2 trash containers In addition to building a playground, volunteers built, painted and planted: 2 Mendocini benches
1 accessible path
1 directional post 6 adult picnic tables
 2 accessible picnic tables          
4 planter benches              
                   Children and adults from the community came together, the children designed the playground, adults formed the Planning Committee and everyone began working toward a fast-approaching and fantastic Build Day!

”There was a lot of excitement at Design Day today. At first observation, the outdoor space available is ample and in desperate need of a transformation, with play potential just waiting to be realized.”
- KaBOOM! Project Manager, Joshua Carlson 7 Weeks before Build Day If you have a chance, will you participate in another KaBOOM! build? Would you encourage others to participate in a KaBOOM! build? Would you recommend to another organization/foundation/funder that they sponsor a KaBOOM! project? *Based on Gerdau- 3.23.2013 – Tampa, FL - Playground Build Volunteer Survey
26 total responses Continuing the Movement
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