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The Pollution Mappers

No description

Dhiraj Gehlot

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Pollution Mappers

Pollution Mapping
Project Innovators

1.Dhiraj Gehlot
2.Amit Yadav
3.Jay Visariya
4.Gaurav Gandhi
5.Gaurang Shetty
Mapping a city for different pollution parameters.

Dust, Noise, Air Quality and Carbon monoxide are sensed and readings are directly transmitted to fixed server wirelessly on a google spreadsheet / database - for specified time period.

Values are compared and displayed using Google maps with the help of Graph, bar chart etc.

Number of trees to be grown in a particular area can be predicted

Also, we can suggest plantations for urban gardening.

MQ-7 - CO Sensor
The Arduino GSM Shield connects your Arduino to the internet using the GPRS wireless network. Just plug this module onto your Arduino board, plug in a SIM card from an operator offering GPRS coverage
The Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 . It has 54 digital input/output pins.

It helps us to collate data and channelize the data on the google maps.
Carbon Monoxide
Dust Sensor
DHT-22 - Temperature and Humidity sensor
Project Description :

1.Our project measure different pollution parameters of particular region and send real time data to database of fixed server.

2.Sending data is done through a internet accessible circuitry and displayed on google map .

3.User can search for location in search bar provided and map will show real time value of pollutants in the vicinity. Every location is rated. Real time maps , bar graphs ,charts are provided to user to visualize data and compare two different region.

Applications :

1.To detect - Dust, Noise, Air Quality ,temperature humidity and Carbon monoxide level. Other relative parameters like So2,Nox,Co2 can also be detected.

2.Different areas can be mapped and data can be compared using graphs, charts etc and data can be seen/updated real time on google maps.

3.According to readings , every region is rated on scale of 10 ,it give idea whether region is good , moderate or bad.

4.Construction sites can be judged on basis of pollution parameters whether site is safe for building hospitals , residential etc.

5.Data can be used for some research or data analysis.

Power Management :

1.Our project is powered from street lights, lamp post .

2.During night time power requirement is fulfilled through street lamps which also charge battery and during morning time power is supplied through battery .

3. We have created a provision to integrate solar panel for future use.

Future Scope :

1.It has a provision to be clubbed with Quadcopter which can be used to capture data of any location.

2.We are integrating our kit with mobile, by making any android or IOS app ,so that user can get real time data on their smart phone.

3.Mobile plug ins of our kit can be created, if any person wants to check pollution parameters around their resident. ( in development )

Thank You
The controller - Mind of the Pollution mapping kit
MQ-135 Air Quality sensor
We: Pollution mappers
Online Portal
Products we offer
The plan
Tie-ups and collaboration
NGO's ,
, News channel
Research Institution
Metrology Department, Radio, Pollution control boards across different countries
Point cloud-Kala ghoda art fest
Smart phone Attachment
Fort kochi area -Installing 5 quadcopter kits for mapping pollution
Costing Sheet

Adiantum - Absorb radiation from computers and printers.

Rubber tree - Elements like CO , HF ,CO2,Dust particles.

Asparagus - Its fragrance contain special bacterias which are useful for health.

Cacti -Best in reducing radiation.

Chlorophytum - Its is best in air filtering.

Pachira - Absorb smoke particles.
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