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No description

Allycia Weathers

on 29 June 2017

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Transcript of PSCC

Marion County Reentry Initiative
Post Prison Supervision
Special Programs
Justice Reinvestment Initiative
Reentry Services
Prison Diversion
Arrest and Justice Diversion
2005 Barrier Busters formed
2007 Center for Family Success
2009 Quest for Change and Student Opportunity for Achieving Results (SOAR) planning
2010 Second Chance Act Grants
2010 Sheriff appoints Reentry Council
Risk and needs assessment
Pre-release reach in
Transitional Planning
Link Up
Senate Bill 416
DA, PO, SAT, 5 jail beds
Family Sentencing Alternative Program (FSAP)
Specialty Courts
Drug Court
Mental Health Court
Veterans Court
Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)
Pending Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant
Crisis Outreach Response Team (CORT)
Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)
Psychiatric Crisis Center (PCC)
Stepping Up Initiative
Pre-trial services
National Institute of Corrections technical assistance (May 2017)
Aid and assist
Community Restoration
Public Safety Checklist
Brief Jail Mental Health Screen
Release planning
Local Control
Transition Center
Collaborative model
Chemeketa Community College
(SOAR $461,646)
Bridgeway Recovery Services
(Link Up $223,822; SAT $228,000)
Community Action Agency
De Muniz Resource Center
Union Gospel Mission
Marion County Sheriff's Office
Marion County Board of Commissioners
Marion County Health Department
Family Building Blocks
$353,408 for victim's services
Center for Hope and Safety
Liberty House
Risk and need assessment
Jail Reentry Program ($476,376)
Women's Accelerated Reentry Program (WARP)
Pre-release reach in
Transitional Planning
De Muniz Resource Center
Enhanced Drug Probation
Risk and needs assessment
Treatment services
Drug and alcohol
Sex offender
Domestic violence
Parenting classes
DUII Diversion
Special programs eligibility
Deferred drug sentencing
DUII Diversion
Special programs eligibility
Deferred drug sentencing
What is Justice Reinvestment?
House Bill 3194 (2013)
Four main goals
Reduce prison population
Reduce recidivism
Increase public safety
Increase offender accountability
Public Safety Coordinating Council approves plan
$3.5 million for 2015-2017
10% Victim Services allocation
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