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Chapter 10: Servant Leadership

No description

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 10: Servant Leadership

Chapter 10: Servant Leadership
Three key components of the model on servant leadership:

Antecedent Conditions
Servant Leader Behaviors
Followers have grown personally and in their performance
Servant Leadership: Defined
1. Stems from one's own want to serve others before theirself
Ten Characteristics of Servant Leaders
1. Listening

2. Empathy
-truly feel

3. Healing
-two way street

4. Awareness

5. Persuasion
-convince change
The Model of Servant Leadership
Originated from the writings of Greenleaf
2. They then have leading qualities
Greenleaf defines as...
So...How do we test this?
Only within the last decade has research been able to step away from prescribing servant leadership to studying it
Prescriptive Past vs. Descriptive Present

Those served have grown or evolved in a positive way from their leaders
Spears (2002)
6. Conceptualization
-"big picture"

7. Foresight

8. Stewardship

9. Commitment to the growth of the people
-personal & professional

10. Building Community
Focus is on perspective of leader*
1. Unique: Altruism is the central component

2. Argues that leaders should not dominate

3. Research proves it does not always work

4. Provided an SLQ which holds effective
1. Paradoxial nature
2. Researchers unable to reach a consensus
3. Conflicts with other principles of leadership
4. Conceptualization?
-behavior or cognitive ability
1) Name 3 of the 10 key characteristics of a servant leader
2) What was the name of the researcher where all the studies originated?
3) List the three antecedent conditions listed on the model of servant leadership
4) What is one criticism of servant leadership?
5) What perspective is servant leadership told from?
6) Servant leadership is more prescriptive today than in the past? True or False?
Any Questions
Key Characteristics
The leader has had an impact on the organization as a whole
Society has felt an impact from the servant leader
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