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The beau catcher

No description

jess vidito

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The beau catcher


The setting of the Beau Catcher is in Waller's department store and in Carson's drugstore.
About the Author

Not much is known about the author of this short story, Frederick Laing, except that he has written many other stories too, such as "The Bird Wore Braids", "A Question of Pride", and "Tales of Scandinavia".
The story is about a young girl named Genevieve Smith. She was wondering who would ask her to the country club dance. She didn't have anyone in mind, but she went to look at bows to go with her dress if anyone asked her. As she just paid for the bow, she dropped the it and ran out of the store in a rush. She made her way to a local drug store called Carsons. She knew she would find a boy that hangs around there every weekend. She went in to see if he would ask her to the dance. She saw him sitting there by himself, and she went up and sat at the table too. He came over and started talking to her and then asked her if she was going to the dance. She said she didn't have anyone to go with and he asked her if she wanted to go with him. She said yes. They finally left the drug store and she went back to get her bow after she declined his offer to walk her home. She ran back to the Waller's Department store to get a more formal bow that she would wear to a dance. The lady knew that she had dropped the bow when she left, and took it back so that she could have it. She saw Genevieve run into the store, but she wasn't looking for the bow she bought. She asked the sales lady if she had the fancy bow, but instead she pulled out the dropped bow, and told her it's the same one.

The Beau Catcher
Main Characters
Reading Questions
Multimedia Assignments

Genevieve Smith: A young girl, red hair, green eyes, very enthusiastic,
nice, and seems caring. "She looked in the mirror and sure enough the green color of the ribbon and the hint of red in her hair with the green of her eyes"(Laing434).

Beau;(noun)handsome/beautiful in french, or boyfriend.
Bashful;(adj.) Reluctant to draw attention; shy
Decision;(noun) a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
1) Genevieve Smith is looking for a pair of
rubbers for her mother inside of waller's
department store.
Fedora;(noun) a low, soft felt hat with a curled brim and the crown creased lengthwise.
Conquest;(noun) the overcoming of a problem or weakness.
1).Dress up as two characters that meet in the story, and act out a scene in which the two characters communicate.
2).Write a short skit of what you would do if you were Genevieve Smith, and if you would buy the beau and how you would talk with the characters like Bert Howland and the man in the Fedora hat.
Literary Element Questions
Non-Fiction Articles
Character Development:
Main Idea
Overall Rating:
1. What is the author's purpose for writing this story?
2. What is the main symbol in this story, and what does it represent?
3. What is the mood of this short story? How does the mood affect the characters?
4. What is the point of view of this story?
5. How might the story be different if it was in a different point of view?
Answer Key:
Plot Diagram
2) Genevieve comes across a sign for hair
ribbons called beau catchers and buys
Answer Key
3) When Genevieve leaves, she bumped into a big lady, and ran out the door to Carson's drug store
where she knew she would find Bert Howland.
4) While at the drugstore, Bert Howland talks to Genevieve and ask her out to the benefit dance that night
Genevieve leaves the store and goes back
to the department store to go get a more
formal bow to where to the dance.

When she gets to the counter the formal bow is
gone and the woman behind the counter was holding the bow that Genevieve bought. Her bow fell out when she bumped into the big lady on her way out.
Answer Key
2. The bow is the main symbol. It represents beauty and confidence. Genevieve thinks she will look better with the bow, and it gives her confidence
1. Why did Genevieve buy the bow?

2. How did Genevieve change throughout the story?

3. How would you react to the actions that happened in Carson's?
1. She bought the bow because she thought it would make her stand out and be more beautiful.
2. She changed throughout the story by having low self-esteem, to having high self-esteem and feeling like she was a really pretty girl.
3. (answers could vary)
The author's purpose is to entertain the reader to want to keep the reader from putting the short story down.
3. The mood of the short story turns from Genevieve having a low self esteem to having a high self esteem at the end of the story.
4. The point of view in this short story is from Genevieve Smith's point of view.
5. The story could be different if the point of view was from Bert Howland's point of view.
The theme in this article is about the 1950s diners that in the short story of the beau catcher Genevieve goes to the diner where the boy who she wanted him to ask her out.
1. How did the origins of the diner come up and how did come up with the diner.
2. Who 'made" the diner
1) What do D students think of themselves?
2) Why do people with high self esteem lash out when criticized
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