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No description

omesha shiwtahal

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of manitoba

Hudson Bay
Dear vanisha

Dear vanisha
Vanisha guess where I went for summer I went to Manitoba and saw a
colourful sky. it look like the morning sun,but it was the Northen light.

The Royal Canadian Mint
Friday,Aug,17 2014
Dear Vanisha
On my birthday i went to Manitoba and i saw the royal canadian mint. I went inside and i saw so many workers.It is made out of real gold.
Dear Vanisha
When I went to the hudson bay i went swiming in the water and i went in a boat and i saw lots of fishes swiming in the lake.
vanisha did you know that Manitoba is capital of Winnipeg, The speak English and French. The name Manitoba mean strait of spirit. It use to be called Portage la Praririe. It economy mining, Forestry,manufactory,energy,tourisum trade fur trade. It is own by Hudson and bay company since 1870
According to my knowledge Manoitoba is a beautiful place.For e.g there Econmy of fur trade they have lots of animals ,Mining the have lots of mineral,Forestry trees and forest,land space and with the trees the produce energy.
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