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Dove Presentation

Course: Brand Management

Eisha Salim

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Dove Presentation

AIDA Model
Successful in getting attention
Sparked interest
Desire – frequency leads to trial
Action – successful trials , increasing frequency

Presented by:
Eisha Salim
Maria Shafiq
Mustafa Khan
Yusra Hassan
In order to gauge the perception of the target audience in question, we conducted a survey of females using social media platforms to measure their associations with Dove, Guessing Game Ad
Consumer Survey
Competitive Analysis
Mind Map
Brand Elements constituting Dove’s Brand Equity
Dove’s Success: Brand Extensions, Product Innovation & Geographic Expansion
Dove Nutrium Technology
Extended to deodrants, shampoos & lotions
Dove Men Care
Global Expansion ; present in some 80 countries
R&D behind Dove products & positioning
Began in the 1990s
Dove soap brand worth $200 million
Brand building includes “beautify women naturally”
Dove Hall-of-Fame: The Real Beauty Campaign

Dove Moisture Body Wash
Forensic Sketch Artist compares negative self-image
Rebuke from National Advertising Division
Headline “Harsher”;“ Doesn’t your skin deserve better?”
Side-by-Side Tests
Discontinue the barbed wire ad
Dove Advertising Spend in 2012: $57.1 million (Source: Kantar Media Unit of WPP)

The Guessing
Game Campaign
Perspectives: Brand versus Audience
Campaign turned out as intended – the story
Main Focus: Product perceived as credible & genuine through referrals & trials
Core Message: “Dove leaves your skin soft and smooth”

Overall Positioning Strategy
Linking Theories
Product and Services Decisions
Brand Mantra
Campaign Analysis - Dove Beauty Bar Soap
( The Guessing Game)


Target Audience
Overall Positioning Strategy
The Campaigns
Real Sketches of
Real Beauty Campaign

Originally imported from India
Positioning: “ Real Beauty for real Women”
Genuine over all feel-good aura
On Air at major Entertainment Channels
To capture most of the fan base
The Storyline – at the end; challenges viewers to use Dove & feel the difference
Functional Benefits demonstrated
Recall is not too strong

No dermatologist endorsement
Leveraging friendship
No actresses or unbelievably beautiful models used
Dove’s Prominence in the clutter of ads

Dove Soap: Beauty Conscious
TA SEC A & A+, Aged 25-40
Contains functional & emotional attributes
Brand Image: Not only cares for beauty but softness and silky smoothness of skin

Dove's Brand
Building Pyramid
Employ Local Talent & Sets Only
Local flavor will hold more appeal; e.g Oreo ad
Increase sense of community & engagement with end consumers
Scope of BTL, Digital Marketing & Social Media
Marketing Messages in Dove Campaigns
Need for assertive brand presence & persona
Low or no recall of tagline

To become the most personal care brand of choice among women and men around the world, prized for its commitment to the true beauty, and respected for their superior care benefit.
To invite all women to realize their personal potential beauty with products that offer superior care. Dove believes that beauty should be for everyone, look and feel better because it makes you feel happier.
Promotional Strategies
Personal Touch
Strong Appeal
Target Market
Alleged objectification of women
Beauty products for Men
Unified Advertising Technique

Olay,Nivea & Neutrogena
Brand of 'Fat Women'
Copied just like P&G & Olay
The Findings
The feedback collected from the end consumers of Dove are more than satisfied from the brand performance of Dove

Awareness and Identity established locally and the target audience is able to identify with the brand image of Dove.
Dove’s brand imagery is dependent upon a few core brand associations such as the feminine impression it holds and the women who want sophistication and exclusivity to represent them as a person.
Dove is considered to be of superior value and of good quality hence cultivating positive brand judgments on consumer end
They consider the brand to be credible and serviceable since it delivers on its promise of passing on value to the customers.
Emotional Modifier
Real Beauty
Personal Care and Self Esteem
Brand Function
Descriptive Modifier
Beauty and Skin Care
Real beauty
Color white
The bird shaped logo
Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Only voice over was translated
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